2 week old auto purple kush, not sure whats wrong with her

She looks overfed (nute burn) with possible pH problems. I would recommend that you stop feeding and monitor and manage pH and PPM.

What soil are you using and are you feeding fertilizers?


Bottom third of medium is natures living soil mixed with ffof and the top 2/3rds is ffof. I need to get a ph meter for my water.

The ffof is a very hot soil meaning it’s packed full of nutrients and if you’re feeding it nutes on top of the soils nutrients is waay over fed. Are you feeding it?

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No I’m not feeding anything else but water.

Here’s the other purple kush I planted at the same time and fed the same way.

She’s also waxy , a sure sign of to much nitrogen, you can usually just push on through with nitrogen toxicity during veg tho


Ok, thank you ! Is there anything else I can do to help her out ?

FF OF is excellent soil. Some call it a hot soil but some plants / strains take it in stride while others can have issues. Just like one of your plants is affected more than the other. In the future, mix the soils the opposite of how you did it. Full strength on the bottom and the blended mix on top to receive the seedling.


Ok thank you !

I planted all these different species in FFOF and they absolutely love it! White Widow, AK-47, Bubblegum, Jack Heare, Og Kush, & Sour Stomper not pictured. It’s just straight Foxfarm ocean forest no mixing or anything. You can tell that they’re super happy just by looking at the picture but like as above said so I’m responding Attley. I guess I just had good luck or some thing?

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