2 Week Auto - Curling Leaves

Seeing curling leaf edges on my seedlings. I’m running at about 80 degrees F & 65% relH. They’re in coco/perlite. I was thinking that the temp & relH were right where I wanted them… but now I’m thinking maybe I should back off on the humidity some? They just started getting light nutes at the beginning of the 2nd week. Always watering at a pH of 6 (to runoff / twice a day) and with the nutes, it was about 435ppm. But I had been seeing the curling before I started to feed them. Light is a HLG 260W QB Rspec kit (pulling 233W at wall) - reading about 40,000 lux at the canopies.

This chart is from Day 1 till right now… Day 11.

I’m thinking they’re objecting to light intensity. How far away from top of plant is fixture?

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It’s at 22”.

Dim it to like 50-60% output current at that height.

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Thanks! I raised the light to 28” and they relaxed. Now it’s about 30,000 lux at the tops. Is there any difference or preference between dimming or raising?

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I prefer to dim while in veg. You’re plant doesn’t need as strong of light to grow in veg and you’ll save yourself some coin on the electric bill :wink::v::bear:


Excellent point! I hadn’t thought about that!

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