2 top r not 2 top what 2 do

Should I top her r not? Just started week 4 of veg,

This question is more pointed to you sir!

Do you want to top? If you’re thinking about it, could you explain what you’re thinking and why?

For me, I top my girls because I am limited with grow height. I also like to top my plants because it gives me more colas in the end. If I didn’t have a height restriction, I would try a plant without topping it just to see how it turned out. But for me, I always top every plant.

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I am also limited to grow height as well. I do want to top for all reason’s . Truthfully just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too soon . But to look at her I was thinking she’s ready, I only have 4’6" to go up .
Also should I cut right above the top 2 fan leafs ?

Thank you ktreez420

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No do not cut fan leaves they harness energy, If you are limited to height topping would be a good idea also to control height as well as bigger yield

I wasn’t going to cut the fan leaves,only cut right above them, and yes u r correct about the way they harness energy

What about the 2 sucker leaves should I cut them as well?

No leave them there

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Thanks Majiktoker, think I’ll give her a couple days to get away from that top sucker leaf and then top, that way it’ll give her a few days before switching to bloom at the 5 week mark

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It will help out and she’ll love you for it, she’ll use her “sucker leaves” to again harness energy so she’ll use those leaves up and use them for energy when she gets topped

You need five main nods I only see 3. Also depends upon strain. Bergman says, "Topping can be useful when your growing room isn’t very high. Especially Sativas grow very quickly and can become very tall. Since they don’t get very wide, you have to place many plants close to each other, so no light is lost. Light that doesn’t hit the leaves and falls on the ground is considered lost energy. By topping the plants, they will stop growing lengthwise for a bit, but they’ll mainly grow in width. You can then leave some more room between plants and still have a nice green blanket.

I never fim Indicas, because they grow much slower and the vegetative stage would last too long otherwise.Another advantage is that the plant can absorb more light, because it gets wider. The plant will have more leaves that can absorb light. This can significantly increase your yield. Especially outdoors, great results can be achieved. I’m sure you’ve seen those pictures of gigantic outdoor plants. This advantage also applies to indoor plants, but I prefer to just place some more plants to make sure no light is lost." I would like for you to know that it depends upon the strain. So take a look at the ratio of the seed you purchased.

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It can depend on the strain, yes. But it also depends on a bunch of other variables!
Some people top after 3 nodes with success, some would never even try it! It’s a personal preference type of thing, and most growers will find a nice medium as to when to top after they’ve done it a couple times :v:️

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Take a look at my journal… I’ve topped all of mine at the third node… Growing from seed also… Not clones… I would like to think it’s successful… And really…he dosent “need” to do anything… I remember reading a little while back about not telling new growers they have to do this or that… Instead just give options…sounds better and you won’t be the one blamed is their grow goes south lol…


Exactly! We’re here to help and giving all the options for growers is the best information we can give!

While most people will say to top after 4-5 nodes, there’s plenty of people that go against that suggestion and top earlier. It works for some, not for others. These are the things we should be explaining. I just went over this in another thread. The fact that topping after 4-5 nodes is successful has nothing to do with being right or wrong really, but more a personal choice. Do you want to go with the most suggested topping time? Or do you want to test the limits and top early? For most new growers, they stay with the consensus agreement (which is the safest way to go usually, specially for new growers. When you see it stated over and over, you begin to think “that’s gotta be the best way!”), which is safe to say would be to top after 4-5 nodes.


Thank you to all that post your input has been very helpful, do to height limit and everything I’ve read here and other places, I’ve decided to go threw with it,

Even trying a clone


Well that sucked, tried 2 clones both died. I think my cloning powder was stored wrong for too long, owell. And topping my plant was a fell

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That’s @ 7 weeks today


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Only 1 side came up must have cut in the wrong place, well that’s my dumm ass jumping the gun.but I still think she’s going to be OK. And sister is doing way better.