2 tents 1 fan and 1 carbon filter?

Has anyone ever had 2 grow tents with 1 carbon filter and 1 inline fan running both?..1 tent is 2x2x55” and other one is 2x2x60”…the fan is a 203 CFM with speed controller…I know I would have to get a “Y” splitter, but just curious of input…Also do I need a fan blowing air into the tent from the bottom vents?..or can I just leave bottom vents open?..Appreciate the advice…

Passive air intake, or vents open, will work. Should be okay with one fan sharing two tents. May still need a larger fan, but try and see. Heat may be an issue depending on your lighting choice.
Happy growing!

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I am running three 4x4 tents with one 6inch Infinity AC fan and carbon filter. The fan is in the middle tent, and is vented out from that one. I then ran 6 inch flexible duct from the bottom opening on each side. All three of my tents are the same so all openings on each line up. The duct runs into the next tent, up the inside wall, and then is zip tied to the ceiling. I’ve run 3 grows with this setup, now on my fourth, and have not had any issues. I m getting negative pressure on all 3 tents, as the walls suck in in all 3. No issues with temperatures or humidity either. If it becomes an issue I will move to 8 inch fan and duct.

I’m shocked… Do you run that T6 full blast? Even AC infinitys run a lower CMF then thr standard fans.

@KJblaze as the others have mentioned it should be fine, your tents are small. Suggest running them on the same lighting scedule.
If you can try to hook a timer to your duct fan if humidity drops to much so that the fan doesn’t run all the time and suck all your humidity out.
It will take some juggling but you can get it dialed in.

The issue will be your carbon filter unless you have an inline carbon filter, if you only put the carbon filter in one tent it won’t work but at the same time you need to vent your exhaust out of your house/garage so that would mean on the outside you would have to hook the ducting to the filter which may be a bit suspicious if anyone sees it.

I was surprised myself. When I got the second tent, I didn’t think it would be a problem. When I got my third one running, I tied into the others as a temporary thing, till I got another fan. But, so far, so good. I do have to keep the fan running at just about the highest speed. And if I open the center tent where the fan is housed, I lose ventilation in the two other tents, so I need to be careful about that. If I’m in the center for a long period of time, then I just open the doors on the other tents. But my temps stay at about 80 in all 3 tents.

@Otis @Nicky I forgot to mention that I would be putting the carbon filter and fan outside of the tent…I saw it on a how to video…These tents are so small and to put a scrubber and a fan in each tent will not leave enough room between light and plants…I’m attaching pics…


Yes but you need to put that carbon filter outside.
If your doing this in the same room your recirculating air and then co2 gets used up it becomes oxygen rich and your plants grow slow because they are barley able to breath.

Unless you run an intake fan that gets fresh air from outside, splits and gives fresh air to both tents. That’s an option.

At the very least run intake hoses outside with your plan.

Not sure if this will work and I feel like something is just not right but with the space I’m limited to what I can fit in tent…

Run an I take hose from a window/hole you drill in the wall and split it to both tents.

You need fresh air or to exhaust your air one or the other.
Unless you add co2

I made a foam insert for a window with two dryer vent kits and a piece of weather stripping.
It gets - 40c here. No issues.


@Nicky I can drill hole into wall into the next room and split it back to bottom vents into both tents…I was going to put CO2 in tents…either Enhancer or Exhale…if I use the CO2 would I still have to go through wall, split it and vent into bottom ports in tents?..,

Without a co2 device it’s hard to say, I don’t know where you live but industrial safety places sometimes rent personal 4 head monitors you could rent it for a day or two and watch your co2 levels.

I get an exhale bag for each tent (small) this will be ideal for your situation.
You may not have to drill a hole through the wall if using the exhale bag to be honest, but hard to tell without monitoring co2

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All in all, I don’t worry too much about oxygen build up. As long as air is circulating the tent, carbon dioxide is being exchanged. I have my exhaust set up to vent into the room, and then I suck it back in. (Eventually)

This keeps my HVAC costs down, so I don’t have to constantly heating, or cooling incoming air, only to have it vented back out.

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How many plants are you growing @Covertgrower.

I don’t have a co2. Meter but I would wonder how many one can grow in an average bedroom as well as average basement before co2 becomes and issue

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Being honest, I don’t have an answer for you I would seriously have to go check the tents. Lmao… is that bad?


That many?

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@Nicky @Covertgrower I’m only going to have 2 plants in each tent…Maybe 3 in the one that’s slightly larger…Im going to set it up this way and I will keep an eye on them…If I need to add CO2, I will throw a bag in each one…:+1: