2 Strains with growing problems

A question from a fellow grower:

"Strain BD
Type Fem
Climate Indoor
Medium Soil (Fox Farm)
PH runoff is 5.9-6.0
Nutrient mix I use Fox farm I am attaching their schedule This plant has =been gettin week 12 for about 2 weeks
Light type LED bloom 12 of 12 off
Temp 79-81F
Humidity about 60 Percent
Ventilation I have a small fan rotating 24 hours in the tent
No ac no humidifier no de humidifier no CO2

Strain GG
Type Fem
Climate indoor
Medium Fox farm soil
ph runoff 5.9-6.0
Nutrient mix Fox Farm again I will attach their schedule
Light type Led on 12 hours off 12 hours
Temp 79-80F
Humidity around 60 percent
Ventilation I have a small fan oscillating 24 -7
No AC,"2ddRaJcc8iMdaSYoWMERxnDPIif377yNTA EWU_KYHaK3Ey2jRsYJuB7-wMH2W3EmwLOw G7LorZO_FDaNlEZodsr686WZCHDmr_Gorg

ticket info and pics, but wheres the question ? :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me whats wrong I am getting dried leaves and browning?
I have had spider mites and have been spraying them with onyx

I myself am fighting those dam mites also, nasty little sh!ts.
I gave up and trashed my plants in flower because I couldn’t find anything that worked and it didn’t harm the flowers…there is a post for a natural spray you may try.
My guess here in short is…mites eating at leaves causing them to die.
Watch what you spray also due to you may be smoking traces of it in the final product.

I use neem oil for bugs. In soil you are supposed to be 6.5ph is the sweet spot. If iwas you i would flush the plant with 6.5ph water multiply your container or pot size x 3 so 5gal x3 15gal of 6.5ph water go until you get the right ph coming out of the bottom of the pot. Then you need to feed 2 days later. I use fox farm nutrients to did use their soil but too many problems with it for me i use pro mix soil now. Cut your feeding strength in 1/2 for now because you look like some nutrient burn is going on to. Getting the right ph will take care of alot of problems and then you can raise or lower the strength of your nutrients when you see yellow tips on the ends of your leaves back off on nutrients the grow big the green labled bottle has alot of nitrogen in it to make sure to watch how much you add of that.
Also very expensive lessons is not having reference solution to calibrate your ph meter do it every week with a cheap ph meter and every 2 or 3 weeks with a good one .
Also pull or cut all the dead leaves off

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For mites I use H202 just before lights out making sure to get the underside of the leaves as well. Then 48 hours later I follow up with Captain Jack Deadbug then repeat 5 days later.

Much appreciated

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Thanks again

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No problem!

@Nealweed1 take a look at this link it chronicles my battle with spider mites and what I’ve used to combat them…

Hope this helps

Spider mites...my battle plan

Spraying so that leaves aren’t wet under lights is key too. If you’re leaves are wet with lights running all day they can burn.

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Thanks I do spray then wait 1 hour before I turn my lights back on.
Thanks for the info

Are the leaves dry when lights come on? Doesn’t seem like they dry out that fast in my experience, and the solution droplets act like magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

Up to you but I wouldn’t use onyx on anything myself let alone something I would be ingesting or smoking later.
That stuff has pretty toxic main ingredient.

It looks like it kills on contact but does nothing to the development of future hatches and you’ll need to break the breeding cycle.
If you just are wanting something to spray on them that kills on contact better to use something that works great but isn’t toxic.

2-3 habaneros
3-5 cloves garlic
1tsp dish soap…

The recipe is in the post I have already linked above

Up to you but I wouldn’t use that stuff

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Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water and the
hottest hot sauce you can find.
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off the strain using
ladies nylon socks and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week.
You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while
handling and spraying)

Neem oil works very well too!!
Your Last resort is to use Avid

I use 90% Alochol with water and spray the hellout of the critters and getting under the leaves real good. The mites have a very thin body or very soft and the alcohol kills them and the eggs on contact try it you’ll see
Spider mites are by far the worst pest to have, because they are the hardest
to kill and can literally kill any plant. They are by far more active in warmer
climates than cold ones, they also suck sup from the leaves leaving tiny white
spots on the leaves from where they suck on. The damage they do is just like thrips,
but with spider mites they pierce the surface of the leaves and can show tiny holes
or white speckling damage, unlike with thirps they eat the surface of the chlorophyll.
You can tell when you have infestation of spider mites , because you will have distorted
growth, shortened internodes and petioles.
When you have bad infestation you will see webbing with larva in them. You get
spider mites from either store bought soil mostly when your soil is not sterilized.
Most brands do not state weather or not they are, chances are if you buy cheap soil,
you have a less likely chance of the soil being sterile.Also, bringing outdoor plants
indoors, or getting plants from someone else who was infected with spidermites.
Spider mites live on the plant itself and are under the leaves most of the time and
are usually are so tiny you can’t see them with the naked eye. In order to get rid of
spider mites one of the best ways to start to get rid of them is to use NO-Pest strips.
NO-Pest strips work well and should always be used with other methods. Neem oil helps
get rid of them as well. Also by raising the humidity in your grow room a lot will kill
the spider mites off, by them absorbing to much humidity and will burst. You can use soap
solution like Safer Insecticidal Soap to get rid of most aphid problems. Use some tobacco
juice and chili pepper powder added to this for mites. (see below how to make tabacco juice)
Pyrethrum should only be used in extreme circumstances directly on plants, It starts to breaks
down around a week and is easily washed away with clear water or. If your plants are in
flowering and you have spider mites, using safer chemicals is your best bet. The tobacco
and pepper soap solution works well and should be used daily, spraying on the underside
and top leaves and later the whole plant. Since spider mites are very residual to common
products, you have to find or try any number of ones untill you get rid of them. make
absolutly sure you retreat as stated, other wise you will get resistant spidermites and
then you have a bigger battle on your hands.Also do not allow pets that go outside alot
to be around indoor plants,mites have been known to be carried in from pets to plants.
PLEASE NOTE, below are ways to get rid of spider mites, but no 2 mite infestations are identical,
you almost always have to use different products to get rid of them, also make a habit to check for
at least a whole month after thinking you got rid of them, that way your chances of the spider mites
that became resistant breeding and then having a bigger problem. Make sure you spray your plant
down very good and enough and on time.
Here are some more products that may help get rid of spider mites:

Hot Pepper Wax,Safer Yard & Garden Insecticide (which can be used right to the day of harvest),
GNATROL( used in hydro in the water as well as soil),Doc’s Neem Pest Soap,Safer Sticky Stakes,
TR-11000 Pyrethrum. Anything that says dicofol on the back. ( should be used in vegging or
early flowering)

GNATROL( used in Hydroponics/Aeroponics in the water as well as soil)
Safer Sticky Stakes
TR-11000 Pyrethrum
Anything that says dicofol on the back. ( should be used in vegging or early flowering)


Hot Pepper Wax,
Safer Yard & Garden Insecticide
Doc’s Neem Pest Soap
Bugzyme Natural Pest Killer
Schultz-Instant Insect Spray
Lady Beetles (Beneficial Insect)
Predatory mite (Beneficial Insect)
Pirate Bugs (Beneficial Insect)
Neem Oil
Neem 2

Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes or more soak them over night in water adding hot chili power
the hotter the better. And
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off. Then using ladies nylon socks strain other
wise you won’t be able to spray it. and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add
safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)
Neem oil works very well too!!


Thanks gonna get off the onyx

Does anyone use spinosad?

See the link on post #10 above


why is the whole talk about spider mites? this doesnt seem to be the issue, judging by the pictures. I get the same symptoms for only one of the many strains I grow (Bubble Kush from RQS) I am still trying to figure out if it is a heat-stress or overfeeding problem but I tend to think it is overfeeding. I would go with flushing/feeding pure water for a few days

(i considered heat stress because in my box it is about 87F but your plant looks the same and your temperature is perfect, so…)

Because he said he has them.

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