2 SLH Monstercrop clones and DP from seed

These are some crazy plants.
One is a clone of my recent SLH(ILGM)harvest, taken after 2 weeks flowering.

Another is a monster clone from SLH(alvarez) bag seed from dispensary (one seed from ounce) from the same harvest.

Both plants have 6-7 weeks since starting as a clone. ~3 weeks vegging.
Third is Durban Poison(ILGM) from seed. The DP will do its normal thing.
First time with clones - First time with monster clones
All plants have started a 12/12 light cycle.

Really looks like fun again. I haven’t done any topping on these. Hoping they stretch nicely. Their mothers are psycho psnocovered beauties. peae


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They look good man! Can I watch ? :smiley:

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Thanks, of course!

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Look good set to watch if you don’t mind

Continuing the discussion from 2 SLH Monstercrop clones and DP from seed:
I made this journal to replace my memory, especially while enjoying the fruit of the labor.
All are welcome to watch; that’s how I learned. I feel lucky to have the success I’ve had so far, but it comes down to following proven recipes, good genes, and time. Thanks to the ILGM community, now and in the future.
This is a clone of same SLH but a later cut,about 4 weeks of flowering.

May be ready 8 weeks from now.

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Re-vegging will take a while

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If you dont mind me asking what is SLH im. Thinking super lemon haze

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Yes, The :slightly_smiling_face:Super Lemon Haze.

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One week of 12/12 and the tent is filling. I’ll give these a haircut before they get too serious.
The nutes still have enough N to get them adjusted after my abuse.

the ILGM Super Lemon Haze monster clone of my last harvest
The monster clone of SLH Alvarez monster clone from last harvest.
and dependable Durban Poison (my last DP seed).
I will have pictures of the butchering soon.
Peace. Happy growing.

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After haircuts, mostly removed huge bottom water leaves and hopeless branches

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Looking good man! You grabbing a net at all?

I can’t use a net with my set up. I may use some chicken wire, once I figure out where these are going.

~2 weeks since flip. Tent is getting crowded.

The monsters are getting wild.
smh peace

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WEEK 3 Flowering

The SLH Alvarez has stretched well, lollipopped, now spread about 16"x24" over chicken wire.

a whole mess of branches.
The other SLH has been pruned and wrenched around a bit.

the branching is not as busy as the ALV.
This stuff grows like weeds.
St Patrick’s day looks like a target. Happy growing all. peace.




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WOW Three short days and another problem. The SLH monster has gone full-blown hermie, I think. The pistols have turned brown. The buds have stopped growing, the few, little trichomes there are, all cloudy. And what looks like nanners?

My guess is this being a clone from a flower about this size, grew female to a size mature enough to seed, changed to male to ensure fertilization. The plant had flowered, the clone cut cut, re-vegged, branch insanely, then flower again. Stressed to survival. So I pulled the plant, will replace with another SLH from seed. The monster crop experiment is quite a learning experience. The Alvarez SLH clone was cut ~2 week before this SLH and is doing super fine. So, my lesson learned; don’t cut too late. No more than 2 weeks after flower.
Will investigate some more tomorrow. peace.

Week 5
Only Super Lemon Haze ALV monster clone left. Looks like it is doing fine. I put 2 SLH plants from seed in the tent to keep the monster company.

Thanks to all!
Happy growing.Peace.

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6 Weeks
Started using Kool B powder. Will go for a week and then flush. Yes 7 weeks.

I’d put a hole in the stalk for good luck, but there is no stalk.

Already pinched about an ounce, :face_with_raised_eyebrow: test topped at 5 weeks.

The tent now has ts3000 (450w) and ts2000(300w) leds in it.
Have suspended gas use. Temps were getting high.
Will be swapping current exhaust 2x 4"(195 cf each) for a T8. Should help the problem some.
Happy growing all. peace.

Wife pinched a bud this morning.