2 seeds same strain, look nothing alike

So this is my 3rd grow. This is the first time I did multiple strains at once. So these 2 are both Strawberry Cough purchased in the sativa pack from ILGM. Planted at the same time, same nutes, waterings, everything. The one on the left looks nothing like any of the other 9 i planted let along the other strawberry cough. The leaves have been a much deeper green then any of the other plants the entire grow and seem to have a much deeper leaf serration on the edges. I used Bud Xl for the first time and it yellowed leaves on all the other plants but this one. I have no problem having a mystery plant but i was just curious if there is any way of telling what is may be. I had to make the photos much smaller in order to combine them so i can add others if needed. This is mid 8th week so i have another 1-1 1/2 weeks im expecting before harvest



I look nothing like my brothers and we’re from the same parents. Happens with plants also.


haha ya I suppose that’s true. Its just doesn’t fit in with any of them. Even the leaves on each bud grow downward almost like each stem looks like a lil evergreen tree. Well no worries it will be consumed regardless i was just curious.

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Just looked on ILGM and they all have a little indica in them. The one on the left has slightly fatter leaves it looks like, so maybe she’s just showing that side more. Still look great either way!!!

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Seems like you are explaining what would be considered a different phenotype. Although things like direction leaves are pointing and color of leaves could be anything, like in relation to position in room or slight difference in media from one pot to another.

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:roll_eyes: those buds look exactly the same