2 scorpion diablos/ 2 chilled x6 600(660) 4x8 tent

So me and the mrs… both have are medical card and I’m setting up a grow tent…(4x8) gorilla grow…t8 ac infinty… both I have all ready… now it’s on to the lights… I’ve narrowed it down to the scorpion diablo x2… or the chilled x6 600 or the 660 x2… any help to lean me towards one would be great…I have done all the research from videos to reading… but hoped someone had a more straight answer on why I should maybe choose 1 over the other now that they have both been around a little bit … thank you for any response happy growing


Welcome to ILGM forum, I’m not the one to give specific advice, but I know who can. @dbrn32 @MidwestGuy @Myfriendis410 @NeoGroR

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Here’s my thoughts on the Diablo Scorpion. It’s for low ceilings. If you’re going to be dealing with a 6ft tall tent, those might good for you.

I just bought a 4x4 tent. I reached out to HLG and asked for their advice on lighting the 4x4. My tent is 7ft tall.

They suggested going with the 600r. They said the 650r might be too much heat. I took their advice. I just set it up today. It’s holding at 78 degrees 12 inches above the canopy. I stoked to see what it produces.

I just got 587 grams out of a 3x3 running only 400hlg watts. 600w in a 4x4…. Your guess is as good as mine. My goal is a 1000grams

I know chilled makes a great light. However, HLG gives me 20% off because I’m a Veteran. With that, their prices can’t be beat. They have a customer for life with me.

If I had your tent, I’d buy two 600r lamps. And because I’m cheap, I’d buy them refurbished with my veteran discount. 2 lamps, $479 each. Then I’d add on the UV bar and still be less than one Scorpion Diablo.


Wait…. I just read you have a gorilla grow. You’ll have plenty of height.

600’s for sure.

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7 foot with the 1 foot extention… but gonna be ran as 7 foot

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i have a glow craft 600 in my 4x4 and it’s fantastic. complete coverage. cant go wrong here. and they just knocked 100 bucks off the price.

you are probably going to want both an intake and exhaust fan. the t8 is probably going to be fine for small plants but you will need more.

honestly i would go T10 exhaust fan and a S/T8 intake. you don’t want your fan working at full capacity the whole time.

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Both are great lights, and both target same type of operation. You are going to end up with a great light either way, so figuring out who you’ll get the best deal from is probably about right.


Do you think the fact the scorpion has a little more blue spectrum is a big part… or not so much… the scorpion has a really good cover in a 4x4 as well… and what about the chilled 660…2 drivers?..

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Also the tent will be in a room where I can control the heat and such plus will be exhausted outside