2 questions on plant care

Well, one question on plant care and one opinion of what you think about this pineapple chunk?

I don’t think my WW seeds are going to make it the 25th is 20 days and even if they resend it could be who the hell knows when, so I bought this for $75 bucks (drama)
What do you think?

My plant care question is: It’s in soil, but I’m a hydro guy, what the hell do with it?

I’m waiting for my Aero cloner, my goal is not to kill it until then, can I just water it until then, just three of four days?


Edit: it looks kinda sativa-ish to me? I haven’t picked it up yet, I don’t know what to think about it, could use input

Yeah just water because maybe it’s super soil and already has the nutrients it need or it was feed thru water, so in my opinion it would be fine by 4 days of just watering it once unless it is showing some nutrient problems,

He says its in pro mix (which I’m assuming is some kind of dirt).

Does it look like a sativa to you?

The more I look at it the more it does, I haven’t taken delivery yet so…

He didn’t grow it from seed and he said hes not a hundred percent sure of its origin

He said the one below is a Super Silver Haze, but it looks more indica than the one he’s telling me is Pineapple Chunk?

(SSH is $50ea.)



if he didnt grow it from seed. and doesnt know the origin, i doubt he or you could know what % of indica/sativa it is.

most seeds are a hybrid of some sort. dont see many that are strictly one or the other.

the leaves appearance is a good indicator of the type, but not foolproof and with hybrids being dominant, your guess is probably as good as anyones.

my guess is mostly indica.

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the first pic (with wood floor) looks more sativa, but again,…i think it will be impossible to know for sure, without some info on origin.

Yeah the pineapple looks like a sativa and the haze looks like a indica, the thing about the pro mix is the variety of what and how people make there own pro mix or how they bought it and what nutes are in the soil. If you are going to buy it I doubt you will have a problem with it,

^yeah, if its already potted in “promix” you should, i stress should, only need to water with clean water, no nutes added.

Thanks for the info Jay, I can definitely handle just watering lol I’m not anti-soil, its just I have limited experience with it, maybe two or three grows ever

Jt sup, I’m thinking the same thing! I think that’s a sativa I might be wrong but the plants all around it look indo (even the SSH looks more indo)

I’ve got to rethink this, any other opinions?

I have a day to make a decision I haven’t paid or picked it up yet

also, am i imagining it or are these plants starting to flower?


Yeah the pineapple looks more of a sativa dominant and haze looks more indo, honestly I can’t tell if they are flowering yet they seem like they are that pineapple looks like it’s about to get into flowering so would be better for you if you clone looks healthy,

One…why would you want to kill it for…its not a hermie or male is it ?
2hd if you have any nutrients use them but make it only 1/4 or 1/2 strength.


To me this looks like a monster cropped clone likely cut during flower

Thanks for the input. I passed on it, the grower didn’t know its origin, & hasn’t flowered any, so…

Edit: werent gonna kill it Will! Kind of a figure of speech, I guess, I meant that how do I avoid hurting it, cuz I know nothing about soil

Edit I shouldn’t say I know nothing about soil, have had plants in soil, even big Christmas tree-like plants in 20 gallon planters I kept for years, but it’s just not my thing

Oh…ya you said you were a hydro guy…im the opposite.
But ya you did kinda scare me there for a sec…lol


… This is why I luv this forum! Bits and pieces like this start to come together… Thanks Agent Jay!