2 questions: harvesting and basic strains

A question from a fellow grower:

  1. harvesting autoflowering plant. I want to recieve the powerfull and couchlock effect. 100% pistills are brown, but resin is not amber yet.
    Why does this happen and should I wait any longer?

  2. basic MJ strains. I see a lot of types and names on the market. Its so confusing. Most of them are hybrids of several plants. And what are the basic pure plants?.
    I meant not indica and sativa devision but haze, kush, skunk and other basic strains. Clear this situation please.

  1. You harvest by the trichomes. Brown pistils are merely a sign that the plant is not producing new buds, and is concentrating energy on oil and resin production.

As far as hybrids. All the strains you mentioned are hybrids.

You have Sativa - equatorial more of an up high can be grown under shorter photo periods.

Indica - From the Mountains. A faster finishing plant producing more of a medicinal effect.