2 questions from a fellow grower

Questions from a fellow grower:

Can you please tell me what is the recommended magnification on a jewelers loupe to properly view the Trichomes ?

Can you please tell me what is the approximate time duration for
the pistils to change from orange to red ? We are growing a White Widow
and a Blueberry.

Pistil’s start to change color in middle/late flower (week 5-8) - believe the flower time of that strain flowers in 8-9 weeks. as for “loupe” get a 30x’s & 60x’s combination loupe (Grow Ace) will work just find. one can get a 100x’ but take’s time to get the hang of use

I have 60-100x scopes. I think 30 is a bit small; For me anyway :slight_smile:

Also, the pistils, or “hairs” do not turn from orange to red. They start a semi-translucent milky white, they might have hints of pink, red or purple to them in some strains, but normally they are pretty much entirely a creamy white, then they “brown” and become more of an reddish brown or orange.

The trichomes start off as almost perfectly clear, and then they will become cloudy inside, and then they become amber inside.

I also prefer about a minimum 60x magnification.

happy growing,