2 questions- bugs and nutrients

This morning I noticed a small flying bug in my indoor grow tent. It’s small, I actually thought it was dust or something a few times but today I realized it’s a bug. I have some diatomaceous earth, should I use that?

Also, I haven’t started feeding them yet, they are in proganix earth mix soil. I have the ff trio but am still unsure when to start it. If they look healthy do I really need to add anything? I’m afraid of messing them up since they look good so far to me.

These are ILGM auto mix pack, blueberry, northern lights and amnesia haze. I’m in a 2x2 with a mars hydro t600 light. They are on 18/6 and day 27 from entering the soil.

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If its a fungus gnat the DE will help.
I had a few early in my current grow. They were already in the soil. Hard to not have them. But by keeping the watering to a minimum they went away.
Mosquito Bits will end them also.

Ok I have the mosquito pellets too so maybe I’ll try that first. Thank you

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Not familiar with your soil so I will let someone else answer that part.

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Your plants do look like they are growing well. I’m not familiar with that soil so I don’t know what’s in it, but in general, as long as your plants aren’t showing any deficiencies you won’t have to feed it.

That said, you may not HAVE to feed your plant, but you may WANT to feed your plants to increase your harvest. You could use the feeding schedule that Fox Farms publishes, or you could use any of a host of products, including common household products, that can improve your grow.


They do look like they are getting a little on the light side I’d hit them with 1/4 dose and see how they respond

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Looking happy and healthy. Great work!

Here they are just 6 days later! I started the fox farm week 4 at half strength, added some d earth (I think they were more like little white fly thingies than fungus gnats) and started lst. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown!! Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it.

Do you count your days from the day the seed goes in to soil or the day it sprouts?

Also, I thought autos took 8-10 weeks from sprout to harvest, but I read on another topic on here that they expect 8 weeks of flowering after the veg state. Can anyone clarify?


The laddies are looking healthy and happy. I personally never feed our plants full strength nutrients. We also go with 100% organic feeds. Mather nature seems to knows what shes doing. Keep up the great work :wink:
Happy growing…

My experience from my 1st grow is about 6 weeks of veg and about 6-7 weeks of flower for autos if they start strong but all are different of course (starting from sprouting from medium)