2 Q's on Light schedule adjustment and when to water

So im fliiping my girls to flower and thinking this is a good time to adjust the light schedule to accomodate the temperature dips at night with cooler temps in the house which Ive read causes to much temp variation between lights on and lights off.
With Light on tent stays about 77-79F. With lights off, exhaust fan on temps dip to 62-64. I have read this much influx in temp causes stress that can cause herms, seeds etc. As a possiblw resolution I thought may be good to switch to lights off in day and lights on at night to make the temp swing not so drastic.

I tried a space heater in same room as the tent is in hoping warmer air getting sucked in would fix it. But keeping the temp within 10 degrees of lights on temps
during lights out with higher humidity has been unsuccessful. The warmer air gets sucked i, but then sucked right out and fan runs constantly on my exhaust fan auto controller.
so my thought is a schedule adjust may do, amdthis might be the best option. Any Thoughts ?

2nd question-when to water, when is it best - at beginning of lights on, in middle of lights in or close to light out or ok in lights out. I always did so near beginning of lights on, an hour or two in but if the schedule changes, seems the watering will to…chime in folks, please help…

Im also going to start using a far red initiator whem i flip em, so would be good to know how to plan this all out and start flower properly with the adjustment.


If the plant is still on veg i would leave the loghts on the whole day til the next new time u want them to start turning off then keep a good flow of the times then on out. Welcome and good luck. Any q’s @ symbol before a name gets their attn like so @sandrums


Welcome best time to water after the lights turn on. I always run my lights at night off in the day light hours. That is a big help especially in a winter grow.