2 plants one res do I double nutes?

I plan on using one of those black bins with a yellow cover for my next grow and was going to grow 2 plants out of it. Since the share the same water would I have to double the nutes or just have to feed more often?

Don’t double feed as it may burn your plants with high PPMs. You’ll have to fill your reservoir more often since you have 2 plants drinking from it. Maintain a PPM of ~1,000.


Maintain proper ppm. You’ll just have to mix feed more frequently


@Nitronick420 i am getting ready to do a rdwc with 1 32 gal res and 2 x27gal totes , you dont double the nutes because of two plants , i will fill res ph the water and followvfeed schedule for 1 plant according to how many gallons of water your system will hold, so when i add my nutes (im using jacks btw) i will add enough nutes for the total gals of water my system uses to within 2-3 inches of my net pots , if i double that because i have 2 plant totes i would be extremely overfeeding my plants and have all kind of issues