2 plants from first grow didn't flower till way later


Ok had 2 late bloomers out of 6. Ww af. These 2 are going on 100days. Just waiting anxiously.


My last grow was an wwa. It grew for 6 months. I’ll tag you in that journal, you can check it out if you want


Man that would be Awesome. Thank you, so much. Its just so weird. They do there own thing.


No kidding man, I pulled a lb off off it


Wow, that’s freaking sweet as hell. The one is so thick, its a bush of sorts. I’d to freaking stoked, with a lb. I’m sure, your more than pleased. Thanks again !! I love this. Hobby that saves me tons of cash


Check this one out. It’s bigger than the last one

The canopy fills up the whole tent


Tag me too @HornHead ! I want to see tooo :heart_eyes:


Wow, that’s so Awesome dude. Thats so crazy. Again thanks for tagging me. Now and in the future.