2 plants didn't take off that well, why?

From a fellow grower:

I’ve got my first grow on its about 3-4 weeks into flowering, my set up is a grow tent with a 600w hps light and I’m using big bloom fertiliser.

As this is my first grow I thought I’d just start off with cheap seeds just to see how I get on! I’ve used auto flowering feminised seeds (Northern lights)

As you can see in the pictures I’ve attached two out of my 4 plants have budded really well at the top of the plant as for the other two they haven’t really taken off that well? Is this just because they’re cheap seeds so the yield isn’t going to be as high or is there anything I can do to encourage for flowering maybe for next time?

I plan on using a better quality seed next time…

Any tips would be muchly appreciated!!

When growing from bagseed; You never know what you are growing. Nothing you can do, but finish them. The spindly plants are more Sativa, and the bushier plants are more Indica.

With all the hybrid genetics all over the world these days. You can buy seeds of the same strain and still see different traits among different plants.


Well, not only will you almost always get a few phenotype differences when growing from seed, when growing in individual pots, the differences in the pots and the way the roots develop will have a lot to do with how the plant grows. If a few of the plants had less than ideal conditions, say the soil stayed a little too wet or maybe a little too dry and it hampered a good root zone developing, then yes, those plants won’t take off as well as others.

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Hello I’m new here and for the life of me couldn’t find a way to start a new topic.
So it’s going here.

a quick question
I got some seeds from ilgm, laws in oz are pretty tight so I only do 1-2 at a time when planting for the season.

Firstly, the gold leaf is incredible, I done a text book manifold to absolute symmetry.
The GL has a stem that’s the thickest I’ve ever seen.
Possibly best plant so far I’ve ever grown, but its only just received its last tipping a few weeks ago.

Now, I have another going, the OG Kush.
How fool proof are fem seeds.
This OG Kush is growing branches not symmetrically, and one side of the symmetry seems slightly retarded in growth !!!
I’m looking hard at the nodes and it seems that the skinny wisps that are normally there are actually fatter ones and look like possible beginnings of balls (male flowers)…

Is this at all possible considering they are fem seeds ???
This is not complaining as I’m wrapped to have just a few seeds of quality.
But I’m worried of the likelihood of being male, then I’d rip it straight out if that’s the case.
It did slightly stunt as it was transplanted into a huge pot and into mature plant potting mix to start with.
Could the stress had off of turned its sex ???

Appreciate your time, cheers.

Whoops! Unfortunately “fem” seeds can turn male under stress, or the wrong environmental conditions. Some folks try to grow “fem” seeds at 24/0, and this is a bad idea. It was proven way back in the beginning of feminized seed breeding, that shorter photo periods promote more females. I pretty much use a 16/8 period for my feminized seeds. No linger than 18/6 is recommended.

Don’t know if this helps. Hope so.