2 plants 2 issues?

First 2 pictures are the same plant and idk whats going on calmag didn’t fix it…any ideas what it could be organic nutes…down to earth fish meal and kelp.(USED IN BOTH PLANTS)
The other 3 pics are a different plant same nutes and im just curious if i have a deficiency coming on or does this look normal…both in 5 weeks of flower under 11 hours if light 13 hours if dark water a gallon every 3 days they are in 15 gallon pots of pro mix and fox farm 65_35 mix… temp is 74 to 78 day and night humidity is 50 and below all the time.
Water between 6.1 to 6.8 but mainly try ti hit 6.5 more often than not…
Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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This is part if the last photos idk whats happening


I don’t see anything I’d freak out over. Calibrate your ph pen just to be sure. Water to a good amount of runoff to rinse built up salts and keep an eye on em. If it continues to get worse reach out and someone here will set ya straight


So the rusty leaves look ok cuz thats what im worried about atm…and ill recalibrate it tm…thanks for the reminder i forget all about that


Your gonna get a bit of that no matter what u do. Keep watch, if over the next few days it gets worse get back here and look for more advice


Much appreciated thank you for your time


You’ve got some nice lookin plants there. Hopefully someone else chimes in but I think yer just fine.


Thank you im trying my best so hopefully i dint have to buy any ina few months haha

I measured my ppm and it was 9999 ppm so im flushing the plant…guess i iver fed alil haha

How are you measuring? I question the reliability of that reading.

More importantly, she looks like she wants phosphorus.

After you flush, be sure whatever you feed her supplies that.

Useing a ppm_em meter…and i believe it cuz my lady i ended up killing due to over feeding also and now this one…its my second grow and now i know they dont eat that much…my fruit cup is doing good atm the only difference between her and the other 2 is i fed her half of what i have ths others to see what happens and i found out the hard way.