2 Planting questions

  1. I’m planning on planting seeds in ground when they arrive and have germinated. I have clay soil so I will need to amend it. How large of a hold should I dig to add soil and compost to for each plant? I’d rather they big too big bag too small to avoid root rot if we suddenly get a ton of rain or something.

  2. I’m growing purple haze, hidden in plain sight style. Having a birthday party at my house at the end of September. If I plant mid august and they are 5-6 weeks old, will they have a smell by then? Plant information on website says they flower in 9 weeks typically. I plan to plant basil between the plant and the people to hide it some and they won’t go near it. Just a strong breeze sort of thing.

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Welcome to the community ! I will start by saying if you dig your hole the size of a 10 to 15 gallon fabric pot an fill it full of cannabis friendly soil should be efficient.


Bigger the better! Or you could put them in fabric pots so you can move them around.

Wondering what your location is…getting late up here in the north east…when they say 9,8,7 weeks in “flower” they are also not listing a few weeks in vegetative stage…so in reality you need 13-16 weeks to make the medicine…so depending on where you are, if using fabric pots you could move them inside if it gets cold and rainy.

I’m in the north east and always end up with a house full of plants in the fall to avoid the rainy season moving in…

Happy gardening !

My container girls, started on Saint Patrick day, one on new years, about 16 weeks from seed… all in pre flower now, getting aprox 13 hrs of sun per day, but now losing a minute of light per day… so they are getting ready to explode with trichomes!



I live pretty far south. Less than 10 hours away from the US Mexico border. Maybe I should use the planter bags. We’ve been getting a lot of rain this year. But my husband wants nothing to do with it LOL so I was trying to keep them in our little patch of woods.

How long from when they start flowering do you typically harvest? I know it’s different for strain but just a general idea of the time from germination to harvest.

Weather forces my harvest…I wait as.long as I can. Sept-October depends on the weather and the plants genetics.