2 plant mega scrog


@Grinder0327 Nah, there’s really nothing difficult about it but it does take more patience because you extend your veg period. You can spend more time growing out before growing up. I’ll be throwing up the net in a few days in my grow journal if you want to watch.


From another first time grower… don’t worry about it when you think you’re messing up or something " doesn’t look right". Also, when you don’t think she’s where she does be, give her a week. It’ll happen. Take pics and ask the questions. It’s called weed for a reason. It can recover from our rookie mistakes.



I’m just a bit worried.
1.5 days after lowering lights

Probably over watering and nutes too early.

White Widow

Blue Haze


Looks like light burn more then nute. Take it back to 30 and creep down an inch or so every day or so. N watch her closely.


Thanks mate - just moved the light up. I’ll move it down gradually.

Also watered until runoff with ph 6 water. No more love for a few days.