2 out 5 seeds didn’t sprout

Hi there, I sent an email to support (with photos) advising 2 out of my 5 seeds didn’t sprout.
Next day I got an email from support offering replacement options.

I replied back with my answer and I have followed up 4 times over the past month with not one single reply since the original reply from support.

What is going on???

@ILGM.Support @ILGM.Stacy

@dbrn32 who do we forward this gentleman onto?

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Cheers @Nicky

ILGM.Stacy is already tagged.

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Copy that just wasn’t sure who to tag. Now I know :grin:

Hi there,

Very sorry to hear something is going wrong here!

I see we got an email from you on the 4th of January, a reply has been sent the day after. After this we didn’t get any emails, can you take a screenshot of what you are getting to see when you try to email us?

Feel free to reply in a personal message if you’d prefer this.



Thanks @ILGM.Stacy I thought something must be up!

I will send you a direct message

How do I do a direct message?

I’ve PMed you. :slight_smile: