2 ounce plants, got any pictures of them in veg?

Just hoping the community will post pictures, give sizes, and estimates of plants they’ve grown that got 2 oz. That elusive 2 oz per plant would be utterly ridiculously perfect, 700 actual watts of LED in veg, will get another 420w actual LED for flower!

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You can check out my grow journal pics.

Here is my yield per plant. Plant 3 &4 got mixed during drying so those are skewed a bit. 3.25 oz avg. per plant. I want over 4oz per plant, at least.

57g = 2 oz roughly.


That graph got my head in a twist, can you explain it?

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Just checked your grow and realized it’s per plant… amazing dude! Congratulations!!

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Haha, yes, per plant sorry. The numbers are the order in which they originally germinated.

So awesome, it looks like a tower of bud… beautiful.
To save me flicking through 1200 comments on my phone can you tell me how tall/bushy they where when you put in flower? I’ve got an uber high yielding strain like SSH, just hoping to smash 20 oz! If I got 10 of be ok with it, 15 happy, 20 or more over the bloody moon :smiley:

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Some of the plants are so bushy I can’t really do much with them, been super cropping on an almost daily basis and they just get busier! Topped and such at totally different stages so they all look different

Mine got super bushy as well. I scrog’d so height wasn’t too high. I need to a better job at clearing out the lower stuff better.


My Og Kush bush is like that. It’s 48" high (above the pot) and looks like a shrub. I topped the shit out of it and it now has about 200 cola’s. As I was looking it over yesterday I was wondering about removing some material in the middle to improve light and potentially yield.

Just took about 50 leaves off and some brown bone dry ones from the bottom, theirs this one plant which I must have topped at 2 nodes or something silly, check her out! Such a perfect girl, the others are like little bush domes competing for light

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I have the same problem with my grows, I never want to trim anything off and when I get into flower I realize I should have cut a lot of lower stuff off and it would have probably helped my yield out.



This was my AK47 at 4 weeks. I got almost 3oz from her. :+1::smiley:


God daym! I’m going to have to absolutely fill the tent to get 2 per plant…

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Both of my WWAF yielded > 2…2.25 and 2.37 respectively, and one was a runt!

Pictured at 30ishdays just starting to (auto)flower, my runt

Chop down day, she’s still a runt but what a harvest!


exciting! i love the harvest!

@McLovin777 When I first started growing I used to grow like 10 plants. Now I grow 2 and get nearly as much yield as I did back then. Lol. I just dialed everything in… its much better for me to yield more on less.





24 oz’s with 6 plants in a 4 foot by 60 inch table with a 600 watt HPS light and very little care in dwc … :wink:
Actually this was my first dwc hydro grow and I ripped them out of soil and put them into dwc at 4 foot tall and finished them out in dwc … :smiling_imp:

:v: :sunglasses:


I couldn’t agree more, I plan to get 30gallon containers and put like 8 airstones in each with one plant in a 1 x 1m.
Lessons learnt, but hey up, still need to get a good harvest this time around