2 of the same but really different. Why?

I have 2 dos si do plants that popped out of the soil 1 week apart. Same tent, same lights, same seeds, same batch. I’ve treated them the same but they look really different. I tried to top both. Maybe #1 got topped and #2 got fimmed. Any thoughts would be great. Does #2 look ok?

#1 4 weeks

#2 3 weeks


They look great! #2 is showing signs of pre flower.

They can all have some phenotypic variance, sometimes the breeder can even tell you what to expect. Your #1 looks to be leaning more into its Indica side.


I have 6 amnesia haze photos in a 4x8 and 2 of them are more lanky and the other 4 are bushier. Until I learned what “pheno type” meant I was pretty confused lol.


Wow pre flower. These are photoperiods with the same light cycle. Can I stop pre flower? The lights are 18/6 schedule.

Double check your order? Then maybe you’ll need to send some pics to the breeder, coulda been an auto seed mixed in to the wrong pack, most will probably offer replacement seeds.

I might go the other way? Kick them both into flower by switching to 12/12 and just roll with it. Then go back to plan A next run.


What @CurrDogg420 said :point_up_2:


You have two different pheno types

Also worth noting that your training will effect plants differently. And probably older plant that has started transitioning? Points about potentially having different phenotype also true.

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Thanks everyone for the response. Is the second plant flowering? She has only been above the soil for 3 weeks. My understanding is that the plant is not mature enough to flower. This is my first grow so things are all new to me. I was hoping for a text book grow.

This plant right here looks to be flowering. Also looks to be older than 3 weeks for potted grow.

You’re saying the seed cracked 3 weeks ago or is this deducting time for seedling stage or whatever else?

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She popped above the soil 3 weeks and 4 days ago. I just reviewed my order to be sure and I ordered Do-si-dos Feminized (pack of 10). Both seeds are from the same order.

I have two lights in the tent, should I lower the lights over the flowering plant per manufacturer recommendation and let the other plant veg or flip both plants to flowering?


You can leave light where it is for now. Plant should stretch some and close gap between light.

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