2 months still nothing going something wrong!

She is just letting the world know she is a she! You see that ball on a tiny stem…LOOK OUT cause she ain’t a she! Plus it will not have the “hairs” sticking out!


Yes, it’s normal. As long as you have two pistals sticking out. Not to worry


Congratulations @GUAB25, although I have to say you keep totally confusing me LOL… I keep thinking this is @PotSmoke post… you should start your own grow journal next time and tag me… my mind is to scattered to try and keep you guys straight LOL.


Ok I thought it was female the hairs are getting long. I have not switched the light to 12/12 yet and are flowering. These seeds came from a previous grow and where all females looks like the are all females again. Light cycle is 18/6.

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Nice harvest. I agree need to start your own journal and tag me. I thought this was yours the whole time. It’s a lot easier to find the advise people give if it is consolidated in your own special spot.


Hermie? You could pull it out now and keep an eye on it… haven’t dealt with one before but the calyx with the hairs is ok… not sure about those other things next to it… does look suspicious

It did the same thing outdoors the is my 3rd go with these strains they are not 100% female got high yield with some seed not bad.
But yes that is kinda what I though a herm bc looks like balls but they tan to bud and some are seeds but Im not 100% sure.

This is same plants super skunk and. Animal Cookies
This was outdoors

Has anyone had couple seed in bud

Looks like all pistils unless I’m just missing something. I’ve found a few seeds in buds before, but not without spotting some pollen sacks.

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If they are outside, pollen can travel long distances. And there is insect pollination. Could be a possibility.

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