2 months still nothing going something wrong!

My closet is less then 1/12 feet wide and 6 feet tomany I grow outdoors looking for small harvest before! I use has been here since start it has been 20f here and I found 3 left over plants growing outdoors brought them in they look better then these!

What I thinks would happen is they would take over and it would just be 1 or 2 because some half to go but that should not cause this issue??

Whats the grow room look like. Can we get a pic

Just now

Only one plant is starting to look good in the middle


Are u in a closet?

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Hell yeah door has tar paper all around it

U need a tent in my opinion. I’m on my first grow. something reflective on walls to simulate light

I have looked in to that it would be worth it no extra wall holes for ventilation system

But my issues is my plant leaves they don’t look right like the image they where green and slowly turned yellow and now turning white.

Put aluminum foil all over the walls then I’m still learning just like you.

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Uploading: 1C5531A8-1962-4C48-8B66-109FD8D5075A.jpeg…

Im learning nutes like u but ur nutes look a little messed up. However I’m finishing my first grow so I’m no expert but I’m trying my ass off

I have no idea what to give them all I can really do I lower ph just my slight when I ph it

I got this girl from @Yosh at Halloween. When I got her I put her on 12 12 .

So I will be going auto for my second grow. Already have everything to go just waiting for my first to finish



U on soil or coco

Just soil

No need for wall holes my tent setup comes with a carbon filter. My whole setup is in one room

Do you ph your water? My water is about 8 or more ph I half to use ph down but possible I am not giving enough ph down?