2 months in and would appreciate any advice

I am 2 months in with seeds purchased here incl pic
Sorry I didn’t post a journal
Earlier since all seemed well and lazy :slight_smile:
As you can see I started them in a small greenhouse but they have outgrown
So I took a few out last week amd two got mauled by wind and my stupidity
Now seeing a lot of yellowing leaves on the others and cpl aphids which I killed wiTH alcohol
I have sprayed with neem oil now and keeping vigilance
The pics are from today after showers today and more coming the next few days
I put most back in the greenhouse for the showers

I planted 2 of each seed


Them girls r stretchy. Need to get them more light will help especially when buds start to form. Light and or sun is the number 1 food source for canna plants nutes r just like a snack or a treat for them lol


That’s why I took them out of the greenhouse but then the rainstorm
They get sun from 8am till 7pm, do they need more?
I planted using this soil
Do I need to add nutrients?

Any nute numbers on the back of the bag. If no nute number yes prolly need food. Thats prolly why the yello leaves she is feeding off herself

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Welcome to the forum. Great help and advice here!! :blush:

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No numbers so I wil, add some nutrients Jacks seems to be the go to
I didn’t fill the 5 gallon bags to the top , I left one inch You think. They need more

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@Gweed1 jacks is a good way to go bro. Lots of people here are using it and I also do. As @Mark0427 shes probably consuming herself due to lack of food. You’ll be surprised at what the jacks does for um. Happy growing and welcome to the forum.


The plants probably increased their water and nutrient uptake as photosynthesis increased when you moved them out of the greenhouse.
How long have they been in those pots? They may want more soil soon.

6 weeks in 5 gallon fabric pot 7/8 full
Do you think they need bigger pots?

Staying in those pots for a while longer won’t kill them, but the frequency in which they need water will increase. I’d imagine they will want bigger pots soon though.

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How much bigger?

Any amount of extra space will help. The size of the pot will depend on what size you want your plants to be by harvest. When growing outside, the bigger the better.

I cannot figure out how to post updates to my journal
Is there a help section for this lol

I think I figured out the post problem
Hope everyone can see the update and it’s not good
After a week of heavy rainstorm and winds Plants took beating
They don’t fit in greenhouse any more
A couple lost lower branches
And now turning color

Waiting on larger pots to replant hope that will help


Looks hungry for N. You can feed Jacks or another salt based fert like Fox Farm or top dress with a dry balanced fertilizer - something with similar levels of N P and K like 4-2-3 or something similar. Liquid fert will help get it on track quickly as it’s available immediately to the roots but a dry amendment will provide longer lasting nutrition, like 2 weeks worth or so. The dry amendment takes a few days to start working so you can do both if you wanted to.

Also with all that root mass in a smallish pot you could help out your soil condition by additionally top dressing with Earthworm castings and/or compost. That will also help provide some nutrition

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