2 marijuana related questions

A question from a fellow grower:

You could recommend what you think wouldd be some of the better strains
to gro outside in the Pacific Northwest , south Puget Sound that are
indica and huge buds pm and bud rot resistant. And can u tell me about
hermaphrodite if a hermaphrodite make seeds will all those seeds be
hermaphrodite or will Thare be some female. Or what if u get pollen from
a herm. And put it on a regular female. Will Thar be a mix of herm. And
female ?I hope that makes sense

Here’s a read on hermaphrodite plants,hope this helps.

There are several methods of producing feminized seeds, but using
hermaphrodites is not a fruitful method. About half the plants will be
hermaphrodites and they are harder to detect than males. There are
several methods for creating all female seeds. One way is to let buds
ripen. Sometimes a few male flowers appear just as the buds ripen. These
flowers, which are harmless because the bud is about to be harvested,
contain viable pollen that only has female genetics. Be carefully
collecting the pollen and using a watercolor brush to pollinate select
buds you can produce a small number of seeds.
The second method, and the method used commercially by marijuana
seed breeders uses silver containing chemicals silver nitrate and/or
silver thiosulfate to chemically alter sexual expression. The resulting
male flowers have only female genetics so the resulting seeds produce
only female plants