2 in 1 Grow Tents

Does anyone have any opinions on the 2 in 1 grow tents? Are they worth it? This is will be my first time growing and I was thinking of getting the Vivosun 3x4 2 in 1 tent with these dimensions:

  1. Overall Size: 48"(L) x36"(W) x72"(H)
  2. Small section size: 12"(L)x36"(W)x72"(H)
  3. Large section size: 36"(L)x36"(W)x72"(H)

The large section is for flowering and the smaller section can be divided in two, one for seedling and the other for vegetation stage.

Or am I better off just getting a regular 4x4 or 3x3 tent and call it a day

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Definitely get the 2-1 those things are awesome

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Regular 4x4 or 2 in 1 Bob? On another page you said the opposite.

Exactly… you asked a question that had an answer already and maybe more to come…

Sorry, your best bet is a 4x4

You’ll learn to use space wisely maintain a small 16 sq ft area. Once you can really make the best use of that then mimic that same growing style to bigger areas

The 2 in one tents are a pain because they don’t keep light out, make accessing areas of the tent you need to get to impossible and really are only good for storage, which you’ll learn is best kept out of that entire area.


I love the 2 in 1 tents I have one and I’m getting another BUT they don’t work as a 2 in 1 because they are not light proof and you can’t control the Temps in the small section well.

I take out the middle wall and use the 1x4 space to hang my fitler & fan in, while I have my. Humidifier at the base and I start seedlings on the rack or grow the girl herbs/veggies and my cat some cat grass.



My Covert 3x4 has a veg chamber and honestly for me, it is not worth it as the bottom frame bar on the floor gets in the way of using all the tent during entire grow and cuts into space. It is hard to place container over that bar. Plus, the Covert has leaks light like a sieve. Height for me is something I need more of and wanting to upgrade to a Gorilla with height extensions.

Ignore the mess in there. At the end of this grow and partially harvesting so leaf litter everywhere.

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Thanks for the advice!

Just curious, if the 2-in-1 doesn’t work well why get another one? Is it for the rack? Why not just get a regular tent at the size you want?

Thank you for your response!

Man the 2-in-1 sounds great in theory. There’s no way to remove the bar? Can a five gallon container fit in the vegetation space?

Gorillas seem to be the best brand out there, but is the extra $$$ worth it? They are far more expensive than any other brand I have seen

Gorilla is the best but way to pricey in my book.

The 2-1 won’t fit a 5 gallon bucket or a soft pot thought the 1ft wide space due to the bars.

They are amazing though! You need to place your humidifier somewhere, this way I can pop my carbon filter off in veg and on In flower (they plug up due to humidifiers depositing minerals in them over time so less time used is best)
Also the space is good.
In a normal. 3x3 I couldn’t fit 3 plants, but I’m. My 3x4 I can squeeze 3 in there.

I strongly recommend 2-1 tents if you have the room for that storage space it’s very very very usefu


I measured ten inches of clearance between the frame bars on the floor, unless you rig up something to straddle the bars, which is certainly do able. I think removing that floor bar would weaken the integrity of the frame and possibly cause components hung from roof to fall.

My son told me you could build a better unit and use even more reflective material than bought tents but I think it will cost at least same as a tent.

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i think seedling and veg can be done in the same space

I have a 3x3x7 GT. Love it. It came with an extension kit but I can’t use it because of ceiling height restrictions caused by ceiling exhaust. This grow I moved the carbon filter and fan outside the tent.

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On my Santa list! Looking at the 5x5 which means new lighting system. Also, looking at a better exhaust system.

I am going to show my husband how you set that up externally. I like that. My light though is tapped out at height no matter what. The ceiling in that room is 9’. I never dreamed in a million years I would miss our three year stay in Minnesota but sure would like to have that basement here!

It can. This is more for parking veg until the other crop is done and shifting into the larger chamber and flip to flower cutting down wait time to flip. A perpetual harvest.

I sacrificed my workshop for my grow room. It is actually in the back of our garage. Being on ground level has its rewards when it comes to hauling bags of soil, totes filled with mix etc.
I am very happy with my six inch max fan and filter. I downsized the filter a bit when I moved it out side the tent. I use a 6" terra bloom for intake. I like a lot of air moving through the plants. I will be posting new pictures to An auto, three photos and a clone in a bit

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Yeah tents arnt the best but considering all the factors unless your going build rooms the tents are the most ideal.

@beardless your recirculating your plants exhausted are and thus oxygen-rich air in turn is slowly starving your plans of CO2. You may need to introduce an exhale bag or vent you’re exhausted are outside of your environment

I run the room’s exhaust fan and open the door to the garage. Fresh air on demand.

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I have seen Exhale bags in tents but had not given it much thought. Getting fresh air and exhausting the tent’s CO2 depleted air to the outside isn’t usually a problem. However, during winter with the cold temps and even during summer with its humidity, it may not be the best to rely solely on outside air. I checked out the Exhale 365. Interesting. Appreciate the heads up.

Np Im gonna try the XL again I used it for my shed but had a heating oops and killed my plants lol

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Those exhale bags are a waste of money. Unless your providing an enormous amount of light with a sealed room then theres absolutely no need for it.

And by enormous amount of light I mean 60 to 70 watts/sq ft of quality LED.