2 in 1 container and 1 wild blueberry auto


Ok. Holiday company gone so I can get back to my girls. Didn’t have much time but I was yellowing in my new growth bad. I gave 2 waterings with epson salt. One with flowering nutes to try and get them to flip. It worked and todays she was needing a drink so back to veg nutes for awhile.


Never completely cut N. U can tone it down slowly but they need it (snaller amounts)


Been awhile but not much has changed. Been busy and my scrog got out of hand so at this point I will just let her go wild.


They are flowering nicely. Looking good bro


Update. Starting to get close on some of the buds. Between thanksgiving and Christmas company I wasn’t able to keep the scrog going like I wanted but the auto did respond nice when done. Kept nutes at 1000 ppm and it worked great. Didn’t have to chase any problems around.


What is that monstrosity!!! The blueberry?! Good friggin god… beautiful :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Man just purdy


Well half was ready to be harvested. Well one of the 2 plants in the container. The second girl is weeks behind the other but will still give me some nice bud when ready. I hope this one gives me the same colors.


Congrats on the chop brother. How long for the other


Still weeks to go on it. All started at the same time but this last one is just taking her time. Just let her go till she’s ready. At least 2 more weeks


Actually @PurpNGold74 just took a close look and probably got a month still.


Damn man. Let her butt keep on a cooking. Gonna be some :zzz: meds :joy:


She is still chugging along. Very thick dense buds and no brown pistols. Just keeps packing on weight.


I like my ladies THICCCC. Let her swell on up