2 in 1 container and 1 wild blueberry auto



I will start with my 2 youngest. They popped up and did nothing for 2 weeks and the last few days they really started growing with one of them auto topped itself. They 2 are growing in the same 5 gallon bag I planted one on each side so I can supercrop them to fill up my scrog. The larger is another auto that started to preflower at 3 weeks and has grown very thick in the scog. I almost think there is to much vegging going on. Been feeding it fftrio at 3/4 strength for now growing under a 1500 watt cob.


Nice grow so far. I’ve read it can be tough to scrog and super-crop autoflowering plants because of the limited vegetation cycle, which limits the time the plants can ride through a stress period without impacting flowering. I look forward to watching this grow.

When you say they popped and that they did nothing for two weeks, was that of concern? Within two weeks the plant should be showing two or three nodes. Do you think it was stunted for some reason? My autos all started flowering by week 4.


When they popped out of the soil with first two leaves they didn’t grow a bit for 2 weeks then all the sudden they started growing like crazy. After they hit past the scog the will get supercroped as well.


Sweet so far. Set to watching. And love the lettuce leaves on the first. Those are some fat fingers leaves


Today that one bb auto is spreading like crazy but not getting taller. It topped itself and looks like it’s going to be a monster. Once they are y’all enough they will be scrogged with the other.


Beautiful plants you should be very happy.


Do you have a lot of leaves curling upward and inward. I see a few on one of your pics. I had significant nute an pH issues on my first and second grows. Overnuting, bad pH, and high temps led to leaf curling and some leaf loss. Autos are particularly sensitive to overnuting. I ran into thse issues 2-3 weeks into flowering.



I was having some curling but it mostly went away after I raised my lights. Been watching ph with no problems. Feeding every 5 days at 1/2 strength for now.


My 2 in 1 grow in a 5 gallon pot is now growing fast. All watered and fed today ff nutes 1/2 strength. The first pic is the one that auto topped and looks crazy at the base.

Between the 2 autos they will fill it fast.

Next is my 3 leaf blueberry that’s spreading out nice on the scog and is getting lots of bud sites. You can see where it was supercroped and seems to be doing great under the 1500 watt cob.

No doubt these 3 autos are going to fill my 2x4 tent. I have another layer of scrog net if needed. I hope I have that problem. :crazy_face::crazy_face:


2 more days and plenty of new growth. My 2 in 1 container has reached pass the scrog so the training begins.

My other single auto is growing great. One side of plant is further along than the other so I may have to harvest the sides at different times if needed.

Nothing but water for them today.


Looking good in that :tent:. Keep it green :+1:t5:


Few days and all is smooth. Fed today fox farms trio. Fed at 1000ppm run off is 300. I don’t want to push a lot of nutes so I don’t burn them of end up chasing problems. 2 in 1 container grow is spreading out and getting tucked in the net daily. My larger auto is still filling out and I am tucking leaves and removing them when I need to so I can get light on the new bud sites.


It’s feeding day for the twins. Should start preflower any day now so I am trying to decide if I should do some topping. The trunk on these 2 plants are nothing but limbs. Lol. Guess it’s a good thing. Don’t really know but it’s what I got.only thing I have done is supercrop one of them. The other started off selftopping itself. I am doing what many say don’t do to autos but others say it’s fine. I am doing whatever I can in increase yield with what i have. Age us right at 1 month


Looking at my pics from 12 days ago these girls are growing fast. My first girl is looking frosty so maybe she will be done in a few weeks. The twins have really filled out nicely but have not started to show any signs of flowers yet.


Well the twins are still spreading out but no sign of flower yet. I may go to 12/12 soon to maybe kick em in to start. My other is getting along nice in full flower. Temps have been coming down in to low 50’s and I hope that brings out the color.


Not much new today other than I cut a few cloans off the mutant twins.

Taken from these


Getting close on 1 girl. The twins just keep showing more growth. I just switched them to 12/12 to try and get them to flower.
As far as my girl in flower. Half buds are cloudy with a few Amber. My plan is to flush then take the buds in about a week that are ready and leave as much veg as I can to feed the rest of the flowers till the are ready.


How long has she been in flower? Pistils look fairly white n you dont wanna short urself.

Also your ‘amber’ pic is on a sugar leaf. They always go amber first. Always check trichs on buds


It’s been almost 8 weeks at this point. I know I got longer I am just impatient. When the twins start to flower I will need the room for them if I keep them in the scrog.


Ahhh. I wonderd how u intended on doing that part.