2 ILGM NL Auto Harvest Results


Just did the final trim and weigh on two beautiful girls. They ran just to the 15 wk mark. All organic line ****** 284.4 gr 10oz 4.4gr. Sweet, smelly and sticky.!********


Very nice! Good to be back in the smoke.


It’s a great feeling when you look at all your jars and say " I did it " … Good job !


The NL have been the big producers over the last year. Im running 6 ilgm Jack Herer Auto this round.(just popped em) Super exicted to see what they do, then im back on the indica train with a 6 ILGM OG kush auto after that.


Man. That is a BEAST of a haul! Awesome bro awesome.


Thanks! It should hold us over till the next round finishes. Hahahah yeah right. Lmao


nicely camouflaged in the sock drawer lol