2 ILGM Gold Leaf, and 2 Hawaiian Dream CBD

Hello, everybody. First time grower here.

I’m growing with the hope of making meds, for anxiety, migraines, and insomnia.

Meanwhile, my wife has a frozen shoulder that causes her a lot of pain.

I got a little seedling box set up, and got started 10 days ago.

Seeds in the solo cup with water and a splash of H2O2. All seeds are feminized.

Then into the paper towel for a day. All four sprouted, so moved into the cups on day 3.

Here’s pics from yesterday. Gold leaf on the left, Hawaiian Dream on the right.

I have a grow tent with lights and stuff that I’m setting up later today.

Looking forward to this community! I’ve been reading everything I can, soaking it all in like a sponge.


Oh, and the cup in the back right is a Hawaiian Dream that didn’t get past a tiny taproot. I waited and waited, and then went digging, and couldn’t find the seed. WTF. So, the second one from the back on the right was started 3 days later, that’s why it’s a little smaller than its front right sister.

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Looking good👍 Keep an eye on your stems if your getting lots of stretching lower your lights


Welcome to the community ! Seedlings looking good when you transplant back fill up on the stems couple inches. Good luck with your new venture.

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@Dave101 beat me to it the look strechy bring ligts down

And yes plant a lil sten deeper to correct it when u do trans plant but still lower lights to stop its from keep streching

Day 18. Transplanted to 1 gal pots, moved to the grow room.

Planted them deep in the medium (promix HP) because the stems were a little stretchy to the first node.

Light is an HLG 260W, about 24 inches away, 50% power. It feels like there is less light on the plants than before, I had four CFLs about six inches away.

Hmm. I have a light meter on my phone. I’m going to go test both situations.

Cool app : Korona. And this is my reading.

@dbrn32 - If I could get some advice from an expert, how high should I be running the light? I have a 260W in there (I have two, but only one is on). Should it be at full power? See above lux reading. That reading was taken at the top of the plant. The plants are about 24 inches from the light.

How large of space?

@dbrn32 - the tent is 4x4.

Right now they’re on top of a couple of boxes just so I don’t have to bend over all the time.

When they get a little bigger, they’ll go on the floor, and I can fire up the second light.

For a 4x4 with a single 260 i would be running at full power with mature plants. If you had both lights in then maybe 60%. Looking at last pic of your plants, I would start gradually increasing power on the fixture.

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@dbrn32 - thank you!

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Day 22

Gold leaf on the left, Hawaiian on the right.

Day 29. We have issues.

(Tagging @imSICKkid and @RAP because I saw your great advice in the Retirement grow thread by @AfgVet.)

This is on 3 out of four of my plants. What’s my problem? Doesn’t seem to match up with any of the deficiencies listed on the chart…?

I’ve also noticed that the three plants showing this problem are growing the slowest.

Definitely a ph issue. What’s the runoff ph?


@imSICKkid - 6.2-6.4

Looks like a deficiency …suddenly and abruptly… Did you change nutes or add something to your regime latley…do you use silica?

I also heard brown rust like spots …are necrotic like do they go all the way through the plant or is it spots on the leaf if its surface only it could be a fungus i forget the name but google search brown rust like spots on my leaves marijuana