2 grows, no usable bud

I’ve attempted 2 auto flowers (white widow and blue dream). My wife widow reached decent size but the bud ended up being “fluffy” like a dandelion. Not usable at all. By blue dream grew very nicely, started growing bud but the bud was extremely tiny and difficult to trim due to the tiny leaves growing within them. Im growing indoors in a grow tent with lighting and ventilation. Im also using ILGM’s nutrients (maybe I’m using those wrong). Could my issue be a light quality issue? Watering or nutrient issue? I’m just lost at this point. hate the fact I’m still purchasing from a dispensary. I’ve considered growing outside but I live in an apartment and my deck doesn’t get full sun so I believe that is out (unless I’m wrong and I’m happy to be). I also feel like I’m possibly overwatering. No pictures to share but just started germinating a new seed of white widow so any advice moving forward would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ya’ll.


Sounds more or less like not enough light. What kind of light? Yes it is very common to over water when first trying to get a hang of it.


I wish I could tell you more about the light. Seems cheap. Came with the tent. It has three “wings” that fold down is really all I can say. I was considering looking for a new light. Are there specific specifications I should be looking for? It’s a small 1 plant tent

If it was cheaper option. Most likely not enough light. You will get buds. But nothing compared to a mars hydro or Hlg . Is it a blurple light?

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It’s definitely a light issue if the buds are airy if the genetics didn’t call for it. How big your space is going to determine what light to buy. Can you tell us more about your setup? Welcome to the Canna-Fam Growmie :love_you_gesture::call_me_hand:


It’s not

It’s a 2x2x4 blackout grow tent.i had to do some training of the plant on the last grow due to height. Fan with duct work connected to filter. I do have a monitor inside monitoring temp and humidity.

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I’m going to tag a Growmie that can help you out. They’ve got amazing plants in a 2x2 @Bracketh welcome to the party LoL I hope you don’t mind helping!!!


Thanks @DoneDeal !


You need to find a light that puts out at least 40 true watts per square foot. 2x2 is very small. You really only need around 160 true watts for that tiny of a space. And hlg 200 r spec would do great.


As everyone has said lighting is the issue.

I’m assuming this is what you were using.

Some recommendations for that space


@Dexterado thanka for the input, definitely going to start looking for a new light!


Never mind helping!

@HuskerinVA, brother @Low has you covered on the 2x2 light specs for sure.

I’m currently using 130w main light but to get to the 50w per sqft. I had to add some additional side lighting. You definitely want to avg 35-50 watts per sqft if using high-quality leds such as the samsung 301s.

Another big thing is measure your lights! Use a par meter if you don’t have one or dont want to spend the $$, dont go cheapy here, you can download the photon app. There are other threads with a lot of info about calibrating it to your light. You can use the magnifying glass up top and just search the photon app, or whatever else you want to search.

And probably the most important thing is just read! This forum has so much useful information. That magnifying glass is my best friend and gets used daily.

Some topics to help would be DLI and Par, VPD for different stages of growth, what nutrients for different stages, watering practices ( I feel this can get missed, reason being is the main root is what helps promote growth, but the feeler roots are what help promote bud stucture as they can deliver more micronutrients. So helping create more feelers roots is the goal, by watering at least 2"-3" away from the stalk and promoting wet dry cycles.)

Sorry if I got on rant, all the little things add up in the long run. But start with lights, ACI s22iongrid or evo4. I really want the evo4!, or HLG!

Oh yeah and read! Sorry just blazed. :evergreen_tree::rocket::fire::laughing::upside_down_face:


And used to, if you used the code DUDE at checkout you got a discount, and be sure and look at their refurbished lights. I bought the 350r refurbished for my 2x4.


Thanks everyone. I was able to pick up an appropriate light locally. This light has three setting. Veg, Bloom/Flower and both turned on. Would I use veg from
Seedling through vegetative and switch to bloom once in flowering or just say the heck with it and turn them all on for the entire time? Hangs lower than I prefer so I’ll have to figure that out.

Everyone’s input was greatly appreciated and I have a seed in germination getting ready to go to make the third time a charm!

Couldn’t post because of the reply limit I have.

Those ones with the switch for veg and bloom you are goint to want to keep them both on for the entire grow. Can you fit both lights in your tent? Your old one and new one will create alot of light that the plants will need.

It’s a combo unit so no separate lights, just this one. Both switches on, that I will do!

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1st thing LIGHT the single most important choice you have to make! Best seed,soil,neuts,pots etc dont come into it untill the LIGHT is right. Dont go to cheep here. Sounds like you want good buds so get a good LIGHT! then you can drive yourself crazy with the other stuff.


Check out the SHOP app. It enabled me to get $1000.00 in lights and it lets you pay them off in monthly installments. It cost about $30.00 for the down payment and they loan you the rest. I dont use credit cards so this was perfect for me.

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