2 Grow Run This time White Widow!

Hello!!! Just posting some pics of my second grow I’ve got going on! Two white widows from Seedsman. The larger plant (plant 1) is at 7 weeks and the smaller (plant 2) is at 3 weeks and 2 days. Have them both currently in 1 gallon pots and am soon going to move plant 1 into a 3 gallon. For soil I mixed strawberry fields and light warrior from fox farms. Light schedule I’m running 18/6 and I don’t have the most powerful light but that’s not my main focus atm. I have a light picked out. I just did first round of feeding on plant one because it’s been in the 1 gallon soil for about 4 weeks and am using the recommended amounts of fish sh!t and mammothp. Any other questions please ask I’d be happy to answer! Just looking for any tips and to expand my knowledge and understanding.


Off to a hell of a start!


Looking really good :relieved: , ready for transplant, you got this

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I got my seed from them but have not planted it yet so you’re plants are encouraging. Nice lookers you got there

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And I’ll keep posting updates as they grow continues!

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Started to get some yellowing over night. Just noticed on this one leaf… maybe over feeding a bit? Suggestions?