#2 Grow Journal in NE

Here’s my 2nd grow. 1st worked out Ok, but I upgraded to a 4X4. It’s tough keeping the temp in the zone for some reason. But here we go.

Strain: Nirvana OG Kush
Grow medium: Soil Fox Farm Frog with added perlite
Ph: All water was ph’d to 6.5
Nutes: I haven’t used any yet. Water, some Cal-Mag 2ml, molassas and stump tea
Temps: Been between 80-82 during the day. 78 at night.
Humidity: kept around 45%
Ventilation: 6 inch AC xfinity.
Room: Basement. With Tent
No need for dehumidifier.
No CO2
Been watering about every 4-5 days when dry. All was well until I found a problem today.
Lighting: Spiderfarmer SF4000. I only made it up to 70%. Now I back it down to 65%

Here’s the set up.

Here’s the girls.

Here’s what I found today. What happened here. Two cola’s just wilted?

Everything was working well. With the warming weather I’m finding it hard to keep the temp in the tent consistent. I have a temp on the floor it reads about 70 deg. I have one, a sensor, at plant top and it’s up in the 80’s. That’s quite the difference. Something is up?

After that other issue, wilting, all got decent.

I then found these two leaves.

I checked the cannibis doc and tried to see what the deal was with this plant, but no idea. Anyone @Randy_Marsh @Covertgrower

For the first month no nutes, only water. Nitrogen def?

Can you show a full pic

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One is probably pretty old, the lowest part of the plant. The other looks like it got too close to the heater.

Thanks @Covertgrower Temps in this 4X4 are testing me. But the heater is oscillating now. So I fixed the first pics problem, I think.

The yellow one was tricky for me to understand. I guess it was low on the plant.

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Lower leaves do die off sometimes, and as the plant matures, gets taller, loses some of the older fan leaves, because they’re not getting as much light as they used to.

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Here are P1, P2 and P3. All in 7th week. Autos.

@Randy_Marsh @Covertgrower

Here’s a week or two ago.

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Nice that was fast looking good

Thanks @Randy_Marsh

I got a new light this time SF4000.

I was wondering why two plants are light green, while the other is dark green? Is that just something that happens? I’m guessing it is. The LED is only at 70%, moved it to 75% this morning. I’m being careful with that LED, but can’t get it out of my mind that the light is keeping the 2 plants light green. It just doesn’t seem that way to me…

Just wondering. Thanks again. I’ll keep involved on this site.

If they are the same strain and using same stuff they should look very similar, if not the genetics might not be as stable

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That must be it. very strange. Nothing I do will change the two plants light green color, LOL.


These look normal still. Just genetics? I gave them a shot of Nitrogen.
Now even the other plant that was totally green is lightening up and lower leaves turning yellow.
I lowered the LED 5% too.
@Randy_Marsh @Covertgrower Still looking ok?

Getting closer to the end, and probably will start to lose more fan leaves. Just let her finish, I would run the nitrogen a little higher next round. Too late to change anything now.
It’s not a huge mistake, but this is one of the reasons we run so close to nutrient burn most of the time.
She’ll buff out as dbrn32 always says. :wink:

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Thanks my friend. These look so different than my previous girls. Thank for the feedback. I’ll take these girls to the end.

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I bumped up the nitrogen. Used fish tank water, cal-mag and small amounts of GH brand micro/grow/bloom. 2ml per gal if that.
This grow has got me, lol. While I’ve been growing for 40 years, this is my 2nd. I’m doing the same as the first, which worked out ok, but the OG Kush is not acting like the Sour Diesel. This seems to be too much now?
I used only water for first month, minus a stump tea and thought I was keeping nutes low, but I still got this at the moment.
I hope these girls are ok.
@Randy_Marsh @Covertgrower keeping all up to date. Thanks.

Looks like some phosphorus deficiency. Too late now, but they’ll finish. I would increase the PK if you can.
This will likely get worse, as when it shows on the leaves it’s been heading that way for awhile.


Agree happend the same to me


Thanks. OG Kush is apparently difficult to grow. For a 2nd grow I should have used another strain.
I’ll up the PK. I normally do late in a grow.
I’m still a long way from harvest, Jeez, I hope they don’t get worse. This might be a lost plant I guess?
Still have one that is real green, lol
Thanks for the info guys. I’ll keep posting.

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She will finish, she just won’t be pretty.

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Thanks, Cool. I learned a few things, I’m gonna be positive about this grow lol.

I appreciated you helping and commenting.

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