2 Gold leaf plants both different 1 tall light green 1short dark green

Hello, new at this, in my 4th week of grow time using Bergman’s nute. Outside grow ph 6.8 since inception. Why are they so different with one tall light green and 1 short dark green. Please let me know if this is normal

they both look healthy…it is just what they do sometimes

Yes. The only way to produce identical plants is to raise them from clones.


Same reason I’m 5 ft 9 and my sister is 5 ft 4. Living things have different genes, even within the same strains. As Midwest guy said - cloning is the only way to grow identical plants, since they are the exact same genes as the mother.

They both look excellent, by the way. Enjoy your grow!


Thanks much!

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Got it… thanks

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Exactly it’s the difference between pheno type and Geno type!!

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I’m a retired middle school science teacher, that was always a fun concept to teach.


I had the same observation with my SS Auto. I suspect the short plants carry the dominant ruderalis genes in the height department.

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This is my first grow, no experience at all. Thanks for your response. Are you growing plants now. :potted_plant:

I love plants of all sorts. This year I tried fun stuff like birdhouse gourds and pumpkins, By the way, your plants look beautiful at 4 weeks.

Thanks much, I’m giving it my all. I also have a small green house growing tomatoes, hot & sweet peppers, eggplants & zucchini. Its been so hot in NY surprised the only plant that didn’t make it was strawberries. Enjoy!

Neat. Fresh vegetables. My major grow is Paulownia trees. Don’t want to get off topic for too long in this forum. View “1000 Paulownia in bloom” on youtube and send comments to lungs111 gmail. Best to all grow buddies at ILGM.

Is this a phenotype that seems normal. Ive been growing her for two months. She was a rescue someone didn’t have space for. Supposed to be ILGM gold leaf photo. She looks better now than when we got her, Still never seen one that Every Single Leaf is a onesy. None with three, five, or seven.

I’m new at this no experience at all.
Your girl looks very healthy. My fan leaves are starting to yellow. I’ve been using BergMan’s nutrients. Started my first week of flowering nutes.
Last week added a small amt of epsom salt in water and use as a spray for leaves.
If you have any ideas please let me know.

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