2 Gold Leaf and 2 Super Skunk

First time trying these 2 brands. I got hem mixed up, there are 2 of each. 3 are the size of a 3-gallon pot circumference and one is about the size of a Dixie cup BUT all the same age, about 3 or 4 weeks old I have 2 questions. First, should I keep the small one? It has nice roots and has started growing ,but I dont want to waist months for it to be small. Second, I know the basics of prunning for more buds but the 3 plants that are large have a lot of side branches. Should I top? . Plus should I remove a couple of the top fan leaves to get light to the branches below? Thanks in advance and any tips on growing these 2 brands will be appreciated…

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Can you add pictures. Small plants can get big really fast. Topping will speed up branch growth helping even out the canopy. I tend not to trim any fan leaves but rather tuck them below the branches.

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Thanks.I am the one person who does not have a cell phone,so pics are hard. Will there be much difference in the way the 2 are raised? or Look?.The bushiest plant has branches on its branches already, that why I thought maybe just let it grow naturally. Or is it best to top?

If you top, it’ll get bushy er. But if height is a problem, do it. Yes trim some leaves. Look up schwazzing