2 Gold Leaf and 1 Polar Bear in 2x4 Scrog


My favorite, big good buds. I like the buzz Jack Herer gives me. Nice job man! Enjoy…


Thank you . The Jack Herer smells great , can’t wait to try it . The Bubble Gum came down this morning . Fat dense buds . Lots of trichomes .


Nice encore to Jack Herer performance earlier lol…


On with the scrog , tent is clean , fan turned horizontal and elevated to get more room on the floor [ im going to need it ] The Polar Bear has been severely wounded .LST . Pinched stems and bent branches over . Broke one branch but duct tape it back . That should slow her down . @PurpNGold74 I’m sorry my friend but it looks like the dark purple color is leaving the plant , for now , I will drop the temperature in its final weeks to see if I can bring it back . We need Purple and gold . lol


I have been using blocks of scrape lumber underneath the fabric pots for better drainage . Do you think after feeding a plant the wooden blocks could absorb nutrients from a feeding and then say on a flush leach out and effect the ppm readings from the drip tray ? I’m replacing them tomorrow to eliminate that chance .


Oh no. I was hoping she would keep that purple all the way. Maybe it’ll come back easily once she gets to the end.

Look for a round cookie cooling rack to put the plants on. Not sure how big your pots are but something like this.


Man we weed growers think too much, I did exactly the same thing, and now I will use an old oven rack with catch pan underneath. I will post some pics when I find where I put them my phone died and I cant find them anywhere else. Ill take more. It is a mini version 3.5x3,5 ft. rolling scrog.


That would be perfect . Pots are 7 gallon . Thanks Doob


You’re welcome!


Awww hate to hear that. Yea when the temps drop im sure itll come back :wink::wink::wink:

O n congrats on the harvests everyone :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


Transplanted the 2 Gold Leaf into 7 gal. pots . Applied a half inch of Gnat Nix to the top of the fox farm soil [ preventive maintenance ] . Lowered the scrog screen down on the Polar Bear and topped it two more times . Things are shaping up !


Looks like she is LOVING that QB light :wink::wink:


Not much to report , the two GL are doing well . GL#1 has been topped , GL#3 has one leaf that is deformed and I will wait until it grows past that and then top it . The Polar Bear is weeks ahead of the two GL’s and is into the scrog screen already . Polar Bear has been topped and fimed multiable times . @Holmes , @DoobieNoobie Thanks for the tip , all fabric pots now set on wire cooling racks .

Scrog screen up Scrog screen down


Lookin good over there. 3 plants. How big is that scrog? Purp gon take it ova


Awesome it looks like a perfect fit. Glad I could help.


2X4 tent scrog . It’s going to be tight for room .


Gold Leaf #1 is doing some weird self cropping thing . It’s healthy so let her grow . The PB is grow fast .


Gold leaf 1 is definitely growing crazy. Looks like the top made a 90° turn? I still see some purple stems in polar bear so hopefully she darkens up towards the end.


@DoobieNoobie I saw that 90* left turn also . I think it’s a new Auto Cropping - Topping strain .:laughing:. The darker leaves on the PB is the area where I put a 90* bend on the main stem a while back and might be stress related . All the stems are dark purple also .


Lol looks like this grow is going to be interesting regardless of the PB lol