2 freedom dreams and 2 purple kush indoor


Well last night I went and put 4 beans into some wet paper towel to germinate. 2 freedom dreams which are more of a cbd strain and 2 more purple kush beans. Got so many of those and I am sure that their all females. Cause out of all of the seeds I have planted so far not a single one has been male. An I’ve grown 12 so far an they have all been female. So let the next adventure begin.


Awesome I’ll be with your awesome journey


Following along! Good luck! :green_heart::seedling:


Good luck :wink: mate and happy growing


Looking forward to your adventure​:+1::grinning:


Gotta love them Kushes brother, I tell yea :wink:


Best of luck. Lots of good people to help if you run into trouble.


Ok so not a one of the seeds that I had dropped into water last time were good. Well neither of them cracked and germed (good thing I have a hundred or.so of each still and can get more.for free if needed.). So we are going to try some more. This time I dropped 4 freedom dream and 2 purple kush.
4 freedom dreams

2 purple kush

Their in jars for 24 hours or so then into paper towel till they crack. Hopefully all of them germ this time. Also hoping that at least 2 of the freedom dreams are females.
Also I think the fact that none of the previous ones germed was because I didn’t take the time to do it properly. I have the time to do it right now so here we go again.


Oh I love kush so much. An I can actually get the purple to come out in it too which is nice.


So 2 of the freedom dreams cracked and we’re planted this morning and the 2 purple kush were also planted at the same time. So now to wait an see if they sprout.here’s hoping.