2 for 2 NL autos


Oh yeah, look at that. They sure are different, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Different seeds, different phenotypes.


Ya, haven’t given #2 much tiger bloom yet, a 3/4 dose 2 weeks ago, and plain pH since. Should I be still feeding her grow big a bit? #1 is well on her way to the finish, and she gets full strength tiger bloom , but have cha ching granular.


I think you should give #2 tiger bloom and ease up on the grow big. They’re both the same age, right? Bizarre.


Ya, sprouted a day apart


I hope you’re not planning on using your grow space for drying, cause #2 isn’t going to be ready for a while. I’m sure she’ll catch up though.


The way the humidity has been here, she ,#2 may wind up being an outdoor finisher. If it would warm up and stay that way, she can go finish up out back in a week or two


That’s a good idea, if it ever gets warm again.


here’s #3 just fimmed, she’ll definitely be outside.


You have three beautiful ladies.


Thanks, will keep ya updated


Finally got some screen worthy bud porn to share! Thanks to everyone who has been helpful and given good advice for this, my first plant, first indoor grow, and she’s headed to the finish line😁 will keep ya updated on her. Happy late 4:20


Wow, nice first grow. Great job!


Much appreciated advice and guidance from @MattyBear @raustin @Countryboyjvd1971 @peachfuzz and at @TxGrowman . Will let y’all know how she finishes out. The progression of pictures in this thread show how far she’s came in a short period of time. Thanks again for the guidance folks , and more to come :v:


70 days, 30 to 40 % red pistils, should I just give her plain pH from now on? , she got her last feeding this am. Getting closer🤞


Very pretty, but I see lots of white pistils still. I think you’ve got a few weeks left.


Yeah, I would guess I’m inside two weeks, just wondering when to quit feeding her ?


Yeah, I’d say about two weeks, so you can stop feeding her now.


Cool, thanks, what do ya think about flushing, vs just plain pH waterings for the duration?


I like to give at least one good flush before harvest. I would water her if she needs it, then do a flush as well. And if you want to really get adventurous, I’d spilt the stem a week before harvest, and then give her 48 hours of darkness just before harvest.


Smoke report folks!! Cut a cola off the old girl 3 days ago and now smoking the first joint off her :grin::grin: