2 for 2 NL autos


First 2 out of five pack growing good. 11 and 9 days out of soil, will definitely order here again soon.


Looking great @JDS1972 and welcome to the forum
Jusging for the size of pots youll see very little upward growth as the roots fill the space in the pots but in a few weks look out lol
:v:️Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face:CB


Welcome to ILGM ! You have a good start so far, keep it going.


Welcome to the forum! NL is a really pleasant high, I’ve grown a few of the autos from here. If you need anything just holler. Happy Growing


Thanks for all encouragement and tips. My first indoor grow and all looks good so far, trying to be patient and not over water. Getting ready to start nutrients soon on the older sister


What kind of soil are you in? You shouldn’t need to feed until the first cotilydons yellow up. Usually 4-5 sets of true leaves at least. Just FYI.


Fox farm happy frog with some perlite


what a difference a few days makes! 13 and 12 days old.


Lookin good… :wink:
Do not over water … :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


Ya, being careful and sparing with watering at this point. 1 liter at a time with these 3 gal. bags every 3 or 4 days. Does that sound excessive, given their size?


22 and 21 days, moving along


33 and 32 days, lots of growth going on!



On point :+1::v:


Thanks! @mattybear Number 2 is trying to catch up with her big sis, and they’re crowding up my little tent. Got a 2x4x5 coming in a few days to move em into, getting a little nervous as they are flowering, keeping eyes peeled and air moving, humid. at about 50, 10/14 lighting. Will keep posting pics every few days



50 days, putting on flowers!!


Day 56, branches disappearing under buds​:v::crossed_fingers:


A tale of two sisters

these girls, at day 60 are very different from one another. No.1 pic one is stacking buds, but her sis is just appearing to begin preflowering and showing sativa like leaves and just still very bushy. Any thoughts @Mattybear or @raustin?@happypappy


Different phenotypes. Think of every plant being like a parent and having kids that look different or are taller. Different strain genetics. They look great!