2 feit 300w replacement led

I purchased 2 feit 300 watt LED C4000/5K/LED 38 watt LED It has an average life of 35,000 hours and it has 4000 lumens l. Will this light be good for 2 or more plants if so is it also good for veg and flowering

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You’re probably going to want a couple of those per plant. The 5k will be great for veg, but you’ll want a warmer white for flowering.

If those are typical led replacement bulbs, the pcb should be flat with a plastic diffuser covering the pcb. It’s hard to tell from pic so I can’t be 100% sure. If they are, you can remove the diffuser and get better intensity out of the lights. Another tip, the reflectors aren’t as important with these once the diffuser is removed. The light will all be directed down by design, unlike a cfl. So don’t run out and spend a ton of money on reflectors if you plan on running that kind of setup.

You’ll want to figure out the size of tent in square feet
And use 35-50 actual watts per square foot
The bulbs you have are good for veg
You’ll be looking for something in the 2700k range for flower
@dbrn32 makes some good points on reflectors and diffusers as well
Your looking at 140-200 actual watts will be needed for a grow area 2x2 foot just to give you an idea not the rated watts
Hope this helps a bit

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I made the grow tent 2ftx2ftx5ft and i attached a Picture of the lights

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I think they are called corn lights or something like that they look decent
I believe @ktreez420 uses them as side lighting maybe he can give you a bit more advice
And 2x2 gives you 4 square so the numbers I gave are good try to get in that range and you be fine
How many watts does the box say it actually uses ?

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Thanks for the help

I think I can see it draws actual 35 so 4-5 of them would be perfect for the size area you have

Sorry yes it draws 38

So yeah 4-5 of those would be best then you’ll need to change them out to a softer light in the 2700k range when it time to flower
@Johnpadron84 can I ask how much you paid for them ?
You can get cob style grow light on Amazon for about 90$ for a fixture that draws 200 actual watts andbis full spectrum so you can use it the whole grow
So it might be cheaper for you than buying 3 more of those depending on what they cost

Nevermind what I said about the diffuser then, it’s a different kind of light. For those, you’ll get the best performance by mounting them horizontally with a reflector over the top.

They are good led’s, the problem with the way you have them mounted is that the light goes in every direction but toward your plant.

They are from homedepot for $10 i just grabbed what i thought would work for the Price i was hopeing it would be good for veg and flowering. Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated ill be reading yo to figure out which lights i can get from homedepot that will work for flowering

Thanks ill look into getting the 4way Socket asap sorry i cant respond so i have yo go bsack and edit to respond i have 14 hours left to comment back

So basically i need more actual watts meaning true watts so i have to be in the 300 to 400 true watts and 3000k Plus is good for veg and 2700 k is good for flowering @dbrn32 dbrn32

For 10 bucks your good @dbrn32 has made another good point on how to mount them
Get 4 more then you just need to figure out the flower bulbs

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I agree, for $10 you can make a few of them work.

See if you can find a deal one of those 3 or 4 bulb fixtures that has the movable socket bases. That way you can mount the bulbs and just rotate the socket horizontally. Three would be good, 4 better… just make sure the fixture is rated for the load. Then as @Countryboyjvd1971 said, see if you can find enough of the bulbs to fill the fixture in 2700k or 3000k for flowering. I’d say you’ll be set. We could probably find a diy reflector project later if need be.

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Something like this guy

Here’s another in 3 bulb… as long as they’re rated for enough power whichever one you think will work best. I don’t have any experience with these, so check reviews or whatever to make sure you get something that you’re happy with.

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The second one would be better cause of the angle of the first one can be positioned so bulbs are straight out then I think that would work fine

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I do own one of those bulbs, and I think it’s great for supplemental side lighting. I would put one in each corner of your tent, then hang a LED in the center of the tent. Just my opinion though!


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I thought I remembered you saying you have a few of them @ktreez420 thanks for responding brother

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It looks as if the first link I posted the bulb sockets were on a swivel that could be manipulated into the horizontal position, but it’s hard to tell. At any rate, you’re picking up exactly what I had in mind.