2 fans or one for 2.5x2.5 tent

Have had bad fungus gnat problem, so am trying to improve ventilation. I have a 4” AC Infinity T4 and S4 enroute from Amazon. Question is, do I need intake and exhaust fans in the small tent?
I got a 20% off code from a YouTube video. One reason I bought 2 fans. I figured with the 2 fans I would solve the problem, but now question if 2 are really needed.
Tent is in a bedroom with intake and exhaust not to the outside.
Heat has been high running in the mid to high eighties.
Humidity is low as it is winter here. 25 to 30%.

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I have a2x2.5 GGT i just have the t4 ac infinity and a clip on desk fan. i leave one single vent open in the back at the bottom of tent for intake.

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Figured I was getting a little carried away.
Is your clip on fan oscilating?
I think I was thinking the intake duct fan would work as an air mover like a small fan in the tent. I have heard that the clip on fans have a short life span and a duct fan would last longer if it served the same purpose.

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Fans are not going to solve a fungus gnat problem, get some Mosquito Bits or beneficial nematodes (they eat the gnat larvae).



In my 2x2x4 tent I use an AC Infinity T4 for exhaust and 1 6 inch fan to blow air around.


The bits may be a good choice or ad stated before, hanging a line with a yellow sticky will catch a ton of em in addition to several stickys at soil level. The one time I had a gnat prob they were curbed in under a week.

Got rid of the gnats with the ribbon and the bug zapper thing that looks like a tennis racket but zaps bugs.
I thought my problem was humidity because my place gets humid but not in winter. Now humidity is low 25-30% so I’m getting a humidifier.
Temperature is the problem now. 85-89 deg F.


Yeah a little too warm, the exhaust fan will take care of that.

This is the stuff I use when I start to see gnats. You just add a few drops to whatever you’re giving them (plain water or nute water) each time you water/feed and bye bye gnats. I use the yellow stickies to get the fliers and the BTI breaks the life cycle

Hell raiser, if my post seems confusing it’s because I have been confused. Lol
Your reply helped me get on track though and it’s appreciated.
Have T4 fan installed and I am loving it. I have it set on automatic mode and it’s a whole new experience. My old fan was not speed controlled so it was always on at #10 speed. Now my fan only comes on when needed and #4 is all that’s needed and with the controller I can set it there.

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If your basement is almost 90° and you’re exhausting from tent into room, then sucking same air BACK into tent, isn’t that counter productive?

Not being rude or negative, just an honest observation.

Temp in tent 85-90, not in the room. That is at the top of the tent too, so it’s not as bad as it may sound.
I turned the fan speed down to 2 and it was running more. If turned up to 3
It cools down fast so it is cycling more. Not sure where to leave it.

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