2 different strains - preflowers

I thought I’d get some opinions since I’m still new to growing. I think my plants are showing sex, to me they look like girls. :relaxed:

Yes, I agree - she looks to be just starting.


-#1 maybe not so sure …

yup yup they be little ladies alright :slight_smile:

Agree. Stipules are crossing and Calyx appears pear shaped. Another few days and you should see Pistils (tiny hairs) coming from the top of the Calyx. The pistils will confirm they are female, but I’m 99.99% sure they are.


Those photos were taken on April 23, and I’m still waiting for tiny hairs… will they still come out if I haven’t switched to 12/12 yet? I was going to let them get a bit larger before I flower.

Depends on the strain, but most strains will eventually show pistils while still in veg. Some plants take longer than others though. I’ve seen some show pistils in veg after only 5-6 weeks, yet I’ve also seen some go 16 weeks and never show pistils. As long as you have pre-flowers though, you can switch to your flowering cycle any time you want. If they don’t appear during veg, pistils will generally show 5-15 days after switching to flower.

Cool, I’ve noticed that the stipules are much longer and sharper then my last plant(which turned out to be male). I turned on the leds at like 5’ away so it’s not too much too soon, maybe with the red spectrums the hairs will pop out sooner? Or maybe it’ll do nothing. They have to start getting used to it anyway.

Here they are today…

I wonder how large I can let them get before flower? I have a 500w induction and 2-“300w” viparspectras.

For those that don’t know, this Is the male that grew under just the two leds

it was old, about 6 months at time of death.
It was a good learning experience even though I had to kill it.

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