2 diff species of Autoflower possibly cross pollenate?

I have a tiny grow space roughly 4X4X3H closet space, I use 2gal airpots which fit well, and produced well with the LED lighting I use. I manage 4-5 oz in a 3mo grow period & harvest. I know it’s micro compared to others but I’m not complaining especially since they’ve closed all the dispensaries to recreational sales, and because of the virus while others can’t buy or had ability to grow I have filled jars staring at me.
Last year I had an indoor crop 3ea WWA & Blueberry Auto (ILGM supplied seeds) that I harvested last year. 1ea of the species I pushed to grow a bit longer because they were late starters, there were no signs of them dying off, they kept producing more white pistils and the trichomes weren’t changing color. When I did harvest I saw each had a couple of pollen sacs hidden up inside its canopy so I figured I pushed them too long and they went herm.
After I harvested, dried and started to enjoy my efforts, I found seeds from both strains. Which I kept separated.
I planted some of the seeds this March and will be harvesting 4 plants from those seeds real soon but wondering what will they be?
They all are autos, they started flowering in a month, no signs of any male parts, but what are they, White Widow -Blueberry? WW or Blueberry.
Best part they were free seeds and have a bunch more that I’ll plant after the summer humidity passes.
Any knowledge would be appreciated.


Hard to say. The most likely is straight widow or blueberry, less distance for the pollen to travel.

Could be any of the 3.