2 deficiencies, guesses?

About to chop in about a week and came across these. There’s not a ton but a a few of the leaves have some of each.
Growing indoor.
Soil/coco mix
Temp is 72-79
Humidity 42-60

The deformed one looks like air movement damage, the small one looks like light burn.

If you are a week from chopping there is nothing to worry about unless you have insect infestation or mold/bud rot somewhere. There is nothing you can do at this point to improve condition of leaves or health of plant.


If you’re a week out I’m surprised there aren’t a lot more.


I agree with. @CMichGrower looks like light burn to me. We’re those upper leaves?
If thats the worst of it with a week to go . Don’t sweat it. Happy harvesting :axe::seedling:

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Yea they were upper. I think there were a few of the off / light colored ones on the bottom as well though.

Have pics of the plants?

I’ll have to take them when lights come on