2 days of darkness?

Getting ready to harvest Friday. My question is what is the advantage of leaving your plant :potted_plant: In the darkness for 2 day? Or is it a waste of time?

Believe the theory is it allows the unused nutrients and sugars to return to the root ball making the smoke more smooth. I honestly haven’t noticed the slightest difference between dark period and no dark period.


@BobbyDigital is spot on. I have had a different experience however but a million factors come into play. Scientific studies show no difference in flushing. In fact, most smokers have preferred non flushed cannabis in a test study I stumbled across a few weeks ago.

My point is, I had some girls I leached nutes from then did the darkness and the smoke was waaay better waaay faster. BUT…I also dry trimmed opposed to my normal wet trimming so the curing process was a bit different for me. Now? I’m doing all of the above. Leaching nutes, 24-48 hrs of dark (idc if its exact cuz I wasnt even doing it before) then a dry hang and trim. I see no reason in the near future to ever change this but I’m always learning.
I personally feel if you chopped a bud off a plant in darkness with one that wasnt you def notice a difference once they dried on the spot. But I say test it for yourself.



thanks for the valuable feed back! :slight_smile: i will give it a go and try the 2 day dark… i don’t smoke this stuff so i cant make a judgement . i know a few people that do! :wink:

There are quite a few of us. As to dark period, I take it or leave it. If it works out i.e. space, time, etc. then I will do it. If not, chop and move on.


Same here, I do it if convenient to do so (all plants ready at same time - clone run) but if not, no biggie, no big difference.


What is everyone doing for sending their girls into 48hrs of darkness if you have a staggered harvest?

If you take away a plant’s light source, you take away its energy source to grow and maintain trichomes.

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Will it begin to digest and dissolve trichomes?

The only thing you can say about it is that it is not optimal.

Tried it along with some other bro science . No difference. I totally agree trichomes sun activated. No light…no need for trichs. Plus…who puts their veggie harvest in dark expecting improvement? Just me. Same with flushing. Bro science says yay. Clinical testing says nay.

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So wait some people don’t even flush? Doesn’t flush improve taste and cleanliness of smoke? With regards to white/black ash?