2 branches droopy, the rest are fine

two branches on my Fem Mochi F1 started showing droopy leaves. Both show some kind of stress in the joints (see pic). We had around 95-98F heat wave for a couple of days which is kinda unusual for my area (Santa Cruz, Ca.) What do you think is going on here? She’s in flowering stage. Thanks for any input

Not sure on the stem. Could be a fungal infection. Just looks like she needs water. Was it @Oldguy that answers this last time?

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I think the other one was fusarium wilt. And pretty far advanced.
This could be the start of similar but not 100% sure.

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How are your plants doing now? I got similar problem and just wondering

I cut that branch (and another one eventually) and the rest of the plant was ok after that. I guess its some kinda fungus or so.

I am glad to hear the rest of the plant is ok. I hope my plant is ok too.