2 Beautiful Bergman's Gold Leaf almost ready to be harvested

These are my two beautiful babies. My second grow ever and I feel proud because I’ve work my ass keeping the pH always in the range and also trying as much as possible to stay in the range of temperature.

2 Bergman’s Gold Leaf
DWC hydroponic
32"x 32"x 63" tent
Flora Series +CALiMAGic+Armor Si+FloraNectar

Does the FloraKleen makes difference when rising the plant?


Don’t know what florakleen is myself. Is that a flush?

Gorgeous girls btw!

Yeah! It’s for flushing the plants before harvesting. Does flushing with that product makes any difference flavor of the final bud?

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Yes, flushing depletes any nutrients left in the plant. Those nutrients have a bitter taste. Flushing improves taste and smoothness. You will be happy with the results.

Dun flush and you will be sorry! Nutes taste really really nasty. Use a flushing agent, then PH’d water the last two weeks. The THC will not be diminished. The smoke will be sooo very much smoother.
Want to see the difference. Dun flush one plant and you will believer.

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I meant using this product compared to flushing with just plain water? @Drillbit @tanlover442

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I’ve never used that product. But I’d say yes. If it’s a product designed specifically for flushing, use it. I plan on getting a flushing agent myself this next harvest.

I’ve used florakleen. It seemed to work fine. Ppms dropped quicker than just plain water.

FLush will dissolve the built up nutes in your buds. The plain water after that will keep taking nutes out of the plant. Worth the effort.

I use it transitioning into the flower stage just for a couple hours and flush that out with water then start with the pre-flower. I flush when plants are ready for harvest using florakleen for a day or two than just water until i cant keep the plants standing any more. well worth the effort.

Wow, those make my Benjamin’s looks sick. I didn’t top mine so next grow will be sea of green

I’ve seen it done both ways and haven’t came up with any conclusive evidence that it makes a difference yes. I do believe what’s in the plant is in the plant and flushing only washes away remaining nutrients and salts in your soil. I think good taste and smell come from correct drying and curing. But I’m sure most will not agree with me.