2 beauties and a runt. migro aray isn't going to be enough to save her

I figured the led itself would require constant training of plants beneath it. Not an issue for me as from the 5th node I’m heavy training to keep an even canopy.

I found a reddit forum that may interest some. Cannabonsai… it’s really impressive what folks are doing with their plants, albeit not in it for yields. At least I thought it was pretty cool.

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Why not the final home?

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Not really sure. The plan originally was solo to 1 gal to 7. But the 1 gal were delayed so I had to go to quart. My thoughts were that I would have fresh supersoil to power the flowering weeks.

Does that seem counterproductive? I could go 7 gal. Seems a pretty big jump. But i am open to it.

7 gallon would be best, less transplanting, and less work. Less time for recovery each time too.

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I appreciate your input. I will pot up to 7 this evening. Does the plant prefer a time. For example near lights out? Or more lights on?

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I don’t think it matters. Just water thoroughly.


Looks like you’re in good hands. Root bound would be my guess and/or a ph issue.

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So the repot happened. Into 7 gal air pots. Super soil, Vermiculite, epsom salt, insect frass.

Little bluey is dormant. I set it up on some pots to reach the light.