2 5'x5' grow rooms

Hi all, new to the forum and first time posting. I have a 5’x10’ room that i’m going to make into my grow room. It will be divided into 2 separate rooms that will be 5’5’ each. The walls and ceiling in both rooms will be covered in 2 mil lepilion highly reflective silver mylar film. There are no windows in these rooms so all lighting will need to be artificial. There will be separate doors for each room to prevent polinazation from male plants and each room will have separate ventilation. I live in coastal South Carolina not far from Georgia so cold weather will not be a problem most of the year and i plan on heating the rooms when and if necessary. I would like to use LED lights to keep operating cost down but don’t know how much lighting i will need. I’m a newcomer to growing and would appreciate any input at all.


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Sounds like you are putting together a great plan. You will need to provide your plants with plenty of ventilation and as you are in the south, you’ll need to manage the heat in your room. Whatever your lighting solution, you are going to have to vent the heat that the lights put off. Many growers like the HLG lights. Stay away from the burple lights sold on Amazon. The claims they make for these lights are misleading at best.


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Plenty of good led lights available for a 5x5. Do you plan on flowering in both rooms or using one room as a veg space and the other to flower in? You can veg with less light due to longer light schedule, so a dedicated veg space doesn’t require as much light as your flowering room would.

If you want the best, fluence bioengineering probably the way to go. Their spydr 2I 47" is light designed for a 5x5.


Thanks for the quick replies. i plan on using both rooms for flowering . The partition between the rooms is removable and eventually will be removed to make one 5’x10’ room. At this time I will be using one room for pollination to produce seeds for future plantings.

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What kind of budget do you have for lights?

Ya, thats what im trying to figure out. I would like to stay with LEDs. The initial cost could be high but the long term in electricity savings would offset that.

Check out the fluence light I mentioned above and the new series of lights from chilled tech.

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My opinion would be to paint in a flat or semi white. Easy to see dirt/bugs, easy to clean, no worries about tears, and maybe cheaper. Also not sure if your walls and ceiling are insulated but that could help with environmental control.

Sounds like a fun build.

Lastly, where do the clones and veg plants come from if both are for flowering?

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@dbrn32 are the Platinum P4-XML2 or P worth looking at?

I would probably buy knock off qb light before I bought one of those. The entire industry has shifted away from that style of light.

that is what I thought. I bought a Kind before I was aware of other options. It does well enough but…

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Exactly, they will grow but lot $ for what you’re getting.

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Presently I have a 2’x4’ grow tent that I will also be using.

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Right on, that will work.

I built a 1’x2’ pvc tiered rack at one end of mine for clones and seedlings. Used PVC pipe for the frame and plastic light diffuser grid as the shelf platforms.